MassHOPE Used Curriculum Sale

June 22, 2024
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


2024 MassHOPE UCS Sale

June 22, 2024
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Chapel of the Cross

160 Flanders Road
Westboro, MA 01581


  1. Shop
    • Purchase books and curriculum

I Want to Buy Curriculum

The Chapel of the Cross is an air-conditioned facility on one level with easy access for parking and loading/unloading.

Shopping Aids permitted:

  • Rolling milk crates
  • Any rolling container the size of a milk crate or smaller
  • Small strollers ONLY if they have a child in them!
  • Luggage carts

Shopping Aids NOT permitted: (must be left outside the sale area & claimed after paying)

  • Space constraints with large crowds do not permit us to allow wagons, double strollers, or laundry baskets on luggage carts or any aid larger than a rolling milk crate. People need to be able to get to the tables.


Cash, Personal Checks and Credit Cards

  1. Sell
    • Sell books & curriculum

I Want to Sell Curriculum

Register to sell here

Please read instructions carefully to ensure smooth operation of the sale.

Items labeled using MassHOPE UCS barcodes labels may be used again this year.

ALL SELLERS MUST REGISTER BEFORE BRINGING ITEMS TO BE SOLD. For questions or issues regarding registration, please email us at

REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 11:59 pm, Wednesday, June 19, 2024. When registered you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation. You will also receive an email with a link to the tags to fill out and attach to your items. Please follow instructions and notes on that page carefully.

Each seller will be given a time to drop off their items for sale. These dropoffs will be scheduled Friday before the sale day. All items are checked to ensure proper labeling and that sets are secured. You will have opportunity to correct any problems. If you bring items for another person you must wait for their items to be checked also.

Sellers will be asked to indicate whether leftover items will be picked up or donated.

The main reasons items are not accepted are:

  • Wrong tags (need MassHOPE generated tags)
  • Items without duplicate tag inside back cover (duplicate tag must be added)
  • Sets not secured with enough rubber bands (rubber bands added)

MassHOPE receives a 20% donation from items sold. MassHOPE will provide the envelopes and stamps for mailing the sales slips and payment to each seller. You will receive a check from MassHOPE within one month for the proceeds of your books less your donation to MassHOPE. You will also receive the tags of the items sold. Please keep track of what you bring and plan to sell. We keep no records of individual items sold by sellers.


Friday, June 22th: 12 pm to 4 pm

ALL sellers are asked to come to Chapel of the Cross by 1 pm on Saturday, June 22 to help sort unsold items. Only after ALL items to be collected are sorted, may sellers check out their unsold items and take them. Sellers may have a representative come for them to help in the sort/collect of unsold items. With more help we are able to sort all items much faster and sellers can collect their unsold items more quickly.

  1. Volunteer
    • Volunteer at the UCS

I Want to Volunteer

This sale cannot happen without volunteers.  Volunteers (children included) who sign up by June 17, 2024 and volunteer to work are allowed to shop an hour before the sale opens to the public and have first choice of items. It is also a great way to help children (age 10 & up) develop a servant’s heart while learning valuable skills. Most of all, it’s a wonderful way to share in the camaraderie of being part of the group that makes a big event happen.

Volunteers are needed to help receive, sort, distribute, set up, and organize books. We appreciate people who like to make things neat! While we happily accept onsite volunteers, only volunteers who have signed up in advance and are scheduled to work three hours or more are eligible to shop early on the sale date.

We also need volunteers to help man the sale, i.e. helping direct shoppers and assisting those with needs, keeping books neat in assigned areas, helping with the book rest, sorting tags, and assisting with breakdown (from 1 – 2 pm) and cleanup.

Children 10 and up may volunteer with a parent. 

  1. Free AREA
    • General Information

Free Area

Once again there will be a free area. Donations to the free area do not need to be tagged. They do not need to be picked up if not taken during the event.

Please go through your donations before bringing them to be sure they really are usable items. MassHOPE is not a disposal service. The sale is very difficult to manage if time must be spent weeding out useless items.

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