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Promoting and safeguarding home education to the glory of God

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Castle Island Boston
Castle Island Boston
Castle Island Boston

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Psalm 91:2(KJV)

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – September 14, 1716

Boston Light
America’s oldest lighthouse shines

Boston Light
Boston Skyline / Boston Light
Worthylake triple gravestone – Copps Hill

Boston Light was the first lighthouse in North America and the last to be automated. It is America’s only light station that retains an official keeper. It sits on Little Brewster Island, formerly Beacon Island, a rocky island of about one acre (depending on the tide) located about eight miles east of Boston, but only about a mile north of the town of Hull.

Previously there were lighted beacons around Boston Harbor consisting of some type of container holding pitch that was lighted on fire. The purpose was mainly to warn of the approach of enemy ships. With its deep and spacious harbor, 1700s Boston was already a major commercial center for the American colonies. Boston merchants and officials recognized the need for a light to guide ships at night into the harbor and proposed such in 1713 to the General Court (state legislature of Massachusetts). The Boston Light Bill was passed by the General Court in 1715. It was financed by a tax on vessels entering and leaving the harbor.

The first lighthouse, a stone tower, was lit on September 14, 1716 by George Worthylake, the first keeper. He lived on the island with his wife, five children, two slaves, and a servant. He also kept a flock of sheep on Great Brewster Island, connected to Little Brewster by a sand bar. The job was not for the faint of heart. Worthylake, his wife, daughter, servant, and two others drowned returning to the island in 1718. In 1717 fifty-nine of his sheep had been caught on a sand spit off Great Brewster and drowned when the tide came in.

A cannon was placed on the island as a fog signal in 1719. Passing ships would fire a cannon in the fog and the keeper would respond with a blast from his cannon which sits today in the base of the lighthouse. The cannon was replaced by a 1,375 pound bell in 1851, followed by a compressed air fog trumpet in 1872 and a steam driven siren in 1887. Incidents such as lightning strikes and fires required much maintenance over the years, but the lighthouse was destroyed by the British as they evacuated the harbor in 1776. The lighthouse that was rebuilt in the 1780s is the one that exists today with various improvements and additions. Read more here and here.


  • The Worthylakes’ triple gravestone can be seen in Boston’s Copps Hill burying ground.
  • Twelve year old Ben Franklin, born in Boston, wrote a poem about the Worthylake disaster and hawked it on the streets of Boston. He later wrote that it was “wretched stuff” but “sold prodigiously.”
  • Several islands in the outer harbor are collectively known as the Brewsters, after elder Brewster of Plymouth Colony.
  • Tours of Little Brewster and the lighthouse are available in season.
  • Initials carved into rocks by keepers and other visitors, some dating to the 1700s, can be seen on Little Brewster .

June 18, 2016

Our annual Used Curriculum Sale was held on June 18 at Chapel of the Cross in Westboro, conveniently located near the Massachusetts Turnpike and routes 9 and 495. The sale is one of the highlights of our year, full of bargains and eager shoppers, as hundreds of homeschoolers seek out bargains to supply their needs for another year. Every year thousand of items, including loads of free ones, find new homes. Full details on the 2016 sale can be found here. The sale date for 2017 is to be determined.


Victory in Norway!

Not so long ago homeschoolers were threatend with imprisonment here in the USA. While things have changed here our fellow homeschoolers in other countries still face dire consequences for following their conscience in regard to the training of their children. There is good news out of Norway for supporters of religious freedom and parental rights: Marius and Ruth Bodnariu will soon be reunited with all their children. Read more

Fun Free Fridays June 24 to August 26:

Each Friday from June 24 to August 26, eight museum and performance sites across the state (new ones each week) will open their doors to the public at no charge. See details here.

Parental Rights:

This is an issue of great importance to homeschoolers everywhere.  Parental rights are increasingly threatened as more members of our judiciary begin to take cues from international law and custom.  These are decidedly unfriendly to homeschooling. For more information and to join the battle to preserve parental rights, please visit

MassHOPE Future Events

Home School Convention:

2017: April 27-29

Planning is underway for another great convention. Details will be posted to the convention page as they become available.

2016: April 28-30

Another convention is history. If you weren't there you missed great speakers like Heidi St.John, a fun and exciting Children's Program, a challenging Teen Track, and loads of helpful vendors. Recordings can be ordered here. Mark your calendars for next year. You won't want to miss it.

High School Graduation:

2017: Date TBA

2016: Formal Graduation Ceremony (cap & gown) June 4, 2016

Our formal graduation ceremony took place at Holden Chapel in Holden, Massachusetts at 2:00 PM on June 4, 2016. We had our largest group of homeschool graduates thus far participating - 57. What an encouragement it was to those still running the race. What a testimony it was to God's faithfulness to see another fine group move on to the next stage of their lives. Please visit our graduation page for details of next year's event as they become available.


Coming Events

April 27 - 29, 2017
Annual Convention

2017 TBA
Formal Graduation

2017 TBA
Used Curriculum Sale

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