MassHOPE UCS Tag Generator

  1. All contact fields are required.
  2. Press the Generate Tags button when done.
  3. Print generated tag page (3 copies: outside tag, duplicate inside tag, 1 to keep) using Landscape orientation, and Shrink to Fit scaling (if available).
  4. Two tags are required on each sale item.
    • Tape ONLY along full length of left & right sides of tag to be placed in upper right corner on outside front of item.
    • Tape ONLY along top of duplicate tag to be placed on inside back cover of item.
    • Sets - Tape ONLY along full length of left & right sides of both tags. Place both tags on outside front cover. Sets must be secured with sufficient rubber bands to stay together when handled.
  5. No highlighting is needed.
  • Typical title lengths will result in 9 tags per page, assuming the page-break instructions are properly handled by the browser.
  • Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) send the tag pages to the printer as images, thus ignoring the page-break instructions from this tool. If page-breaking
    occurs in the middle of tag rows, try adjusting the margins in the browser, or limiting the number of tags per pass to 9.
  • For best results, please consider using Firefox. Its Shrink-to-Fit feature works. It also sends data to printers as text (when possible), allowing it to handle page-breaks properly.
  • FREE ROOM donations do NOT need tags. Please make sure all items are usable. MassHOPE is not a disposal service.
  • PUBLISHER PROHIBITED RESALES include K12, DIVE CDs, Edu-Track, Homeschool Tracker, Rosetta Stone, Switched-on-Schoolhouse (SOS), Calvert, and Tapestry of Grace.
    For these items, condition must be New-Never Used-Unopened. USED ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED DUE TO PUBLISHER PROHIBITIONS.
  • Furniture, musical instruments, and sports equipment are not accepted.
  • Pricing field: See MH UCS Pricing document for help in pricing items.
  • Category field: See MH UCS Categorizing document for help categorizing items.
  • Condition field:
    • Unused - unused, still in shrink wrap, etc.
    • Like new - used, but like new with no noticeable wear and tear.
    • Very good - slight shelf wear, bent corners, no markings.
    • Good - wear to cover, some markings on pages, very usable.
    • Fair - bargain material, markings on pages, worn covers, still usable.
  • If any questions, email

#PriceItemsGradeCategoryTitle (max: 40 chars)Description (max: 80 chars)AudienceCondition