Suzanne Shera

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Suzanne Shera is a veteran homeschooler and the author of Lightlab, a book for kids to explore the nature of light and to know Jesus. She has worked in research for eight years until she devoted herself to full time motherhood. Besides writing on subjects related to science and faith, she currently teaches physics at co-ops and Christian schools. Suzanne has also been involved with Children’s ministries such as C.E.F., AWANA and VBS events. She lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband David, and together they have two children Marcus (23) and Miriam (20).

Workshops handouts available for download below.

Speaker Workshops

What Do You See? (Fri by pre-registration only, ages 7-12)

In this session we will:

Learn the history of mirrors and show how an image is formed
Create and record a variety of reflections
Discuss how the Bible acts as the mirror in James 1:22-25, and share God’s plan of salvation.
(Memory Verse Romans 5:8)

What Is That Color? (Sat by pre-registration only, ages 7-12)

In this session we will:

Describe how our eyes perceive close to 17 million color shades.
Combine colors with spinning wheels and perform color addition.
Tell the Gospel message with the colors detected in eight Bible verses
(Memory Verse John 11:25)

LightLab Etc will be conducting two different workshops for pre-registered children ages 7-12 yrs – one 60 minute session each morning 11:30-12:30. These workshops are limited in size. There is an additional $5 fee per child for each workshop and child must be registered above.
Children attending must have an accompanying adult during the sessions.

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