Diane Speed

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Diane Speed educated her two children at home from pre-school through high school using a program of her own design with two aims: 1) meeting high academic standards; 2) addressing her children’s individual learning needs. Both of Diane’s children received substantial merit scholarships from the colleges they attended, and she attributes their exceptional performance largely to their being homeschooled. Since 2001 Diane has launched a number of homeschooling groups and services, including The Classical Kids Network and HS College-Bound. She is also an acclaimed teacher of honors-level biology and chemistry, inspiring even non-STEM students to fall in love with science.

Speaker Workshops

Eyes Wide Open: Five Things Every Parent Should Know About Homeschooling High School

Parents are often surprised when their homeschooled teen becomes unmotivated, angry, or uncooperative. — Up to that point, homeschooling had been a magical learning adventure marked by self-directed learning and effortless discovery. Parents wonder What happened? — What did I do wrong? This workshop will address common challenges when homeschooling high school: motivation, attitude, puberty, achieving high school requirements, and more. It will also provide solutions and insights that produce real results and homeschool success.

Skill Drill: Three Skills Every Student Needs for College
High school is jammed with requirements for the college-bound high school student – 3 to 4 years of a lab science, 4 years of English, plus higher-level math, foreign language – not to mention standardized tests! But there are three skills that maximize all students’ chances of success at college. Each of these skills hinges on higher-level thinking, maturity, and organization. This workshop will discuss what parents can do to help their students develop these essential skills.
Science in the High School Years: Succeeding with Science Instruction at the High School Level

Homeschooling science is one of the most daunting challenges of the high school years. It requires high-quality instruction, with the student not just ingesting great quantities of knowledge, but performing the right activities and receiving coaching on those activities. This session offers concrete guidance on how to recognize instruction of sufficient quality for your student to succeed with science. It will also address:
— the importance of labs, research reports, and tests;
— the benefits and shortcomings of AP & honors science courses, community college courses, and other options for fulfilling science requirements.

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