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Field Trips

2010 Field Trips

  • March 26 -  Field Trip to New York City
Twenty seven homeschoolers took the train from New Haven's Union Station to beautiful Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan on Friday March 26th.  Historic places observed during a tour of lower Manhattan included the site of George Washington's first inauguration at what is now Federal Hall overlooking Wall Street across from the New York Stock Exchange.  Very close by this location, New York's first terrorist attack took place.  A horse drawn wagon packed with explosives was parked near J P Morgan's headquarters on a busy day in 1920.  The blast, thought to be the work of anarchists, killed about thirty people.  Damage to the masonry of Morgan's building is still visible today.

Also seen were the panoramic view from the roof of the 55 Water Street headquarters of DTC, the clearinghouse for most domestic securities transactions, taking in the sights of New York harbor, Brooklyn Bridge, and the location of the miraculous evacuation of American forces from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the largest battle of the Revolutionary War.  This was followed by Fraunces Tavern, the great social gathering place of many famous figures when the Federal government was first located in what is now the financial district of New York City.  It was also the site of the famous and emotion laden farewell of Washington to his officers at the close of the war.

After supper and a stop at Alexander Hamilton's grave in Trinity Church's graveyard across the street from the headquarters of the Bank of New York which he founded in the 1700's, we visited St Paul's chapel, the oldest church in New York City and the place to which Washington and others walked to attend a post inauguration service.  Washington's private pew can still be seen there.  He used it as he attended there while the Federal government was still located in New York. St Paul's is in the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center.  It survived 9/11 with no damage and was used as a relief station in the aftermath.  After viewing Ground Zero the group skated at Rockefeller Center before returning via train to New Haven.   

Previous Trips

  • January 16, 2009 - New York City
A group of Massachusetts homeschoolers, along with a few from New Hampshire and Maine, went to New York City on January 16, 2009 for a day of fun.  It was a chilly but beautiful day for ice skating at Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.  After lunch at Zabar's we visited the huge American Museum of Natural History with its awesome dioramas of animals from all over the world as well as many other exhibits related to Earth and space.  Theodore Roosevelt played a large role in the early days of the museum.  It's one of the largest museums of any kind in the world.  The day in the city ended with a visit to the New York Historical Society with an exhibit on Grant and Lee.  Many artifacts were displayed there such as Lee's pistol and sword that he carried during the Civil War, and the handgun that his wife inherited from George Washington.  The Society also has one of the largest collections of Hudson River School art with just a portion of it currently on display as will fit in its large gallery.  Massive Grand Central Terminal was the point of entry and departure to the city for a memorable day.

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