We are a medical transcription service. Our service has been in business for over 30 years. We’re a large MT service, providing transcription services to doctors and clinics nationwide. We hire experienced medical transcriptionists to work for us, but also recruit and train those interested in becoming medical transcriptionists. 

Deborah founded the company and she was a homeschool mom for years.  Her son, Zach, was very ill as a baby and had years of medical complications.  She says that her ability to stay home, rather than work in corporate America, was a huge blessing.  Today, we have other homeschool moms working for us.  Some of them live on farms in the Midwest and have large families.  Many have worked for us for years.  We have discovered that home educators are often a good fit for medical transcription. Typically, they have good English skills and are accustomed to working independently, both important qualities in the world of medical transcription.

Deborah started the company with an IBM typewriter, graduated to a Tandy dual-floppy disk drive, and has seen medical transcription blossom into an internet sensation.  We are able to send and receive files through the internet.  You can work without leaving your home.  

What does it take to be a good MT?

  • Because we listen to dictation and type what we hear, it doesn’t take much to be a good MT. If you have common sense and a good work ethic, you can learn what you need to know.
  • Excellent English and proofreading skills. Because of the importance of the work we transcribe, the standard in the industry is a 98% accuracy rating. MTs must be able to work independently and catch our own errors. 
  • A basic understanding of technology. We often work with clients’ electronic medical records software (EMR) and while they do train us in their system’s use, you do need to be comfortable with computers in order to work remotely.

Did you know?

  • Did you know there are no age restrictions in medical transcription?  This is a great job for teens, seniors, and all points in between.  We’ve had people work with us well into their 80s.  
  • This is a great family business! Through the years, Deborah’s son Zach has helped her with various aspects of the business. She’s also had cousins and friends of the family work for her during different seasons. Many of our former students have had family members or friends go through our course and then partner with them on completion, to create their own medical transcription services.


  • Full Course Special Pricing – $1650 (Full Course Code: HMSCL3)
  • Half & Half Special Pricing – $900 (First Half Code Code: HMSCL1)
    Half & Half Plan – Purchase Part 1 of the program and have 90 days from date of purchase to receive same discounted rate for Part
    Discounts expire on June 4, 2021


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