Staci Morgan

2024 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Staci B. Morgan, RN, MSN is the Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE) Special Learners Team Lead and serves on the IAHE Advisory Board. She and her husband homeschool their four children, all of which have an array of learning challenges. Staci knows God wove her nursing and homeschooling knowledge together with purpose to share hope and help with other homeschooling families of special learners.

Workshops handouts available for download below.

Speaker Workshops

A Focused Look into Homeschooling a Child with ADD/ADHD (Handout Available)

Are you wondering: How to get your child to focus on school? How to get them to stop jumping around and being distracted all day? Or maybe you’ve wondered why your child can play video games for hours but not focus in on school for even 5 minutes. Come and hear how to utilize the gifts of ADD/ADHD to dial in the focus of learning for your child and you.

When Labels Don’t Seem to Fit (Handout Available)

This workshop helps the homeschooling parent think outside the box of how to best develop their children’s God-given potential. Sometimes a child has been given a diagnosis that simply does not settle in your heart of hearts. In this workshop, Staci will detail what other influencing factors could be hindering your child’s ability to learn and how to overcome these barriers.

It Takes a Tribe: Finding and Building Your Village as You Homeschool a Special Learner (Handout Available)

Homeschooling a Special Learner can be challenging and isolating. In this workshop, Staci will discuss ways to find your tribe and build your village so that not only your child will be well supported, but you will be too. 

Homeschooling Through High School: Don’t Quit Now (Handout Available)

As our children approach high school, the question of “can I really homeschool my child through high school and equip them with all they need?” rears its ugly head. In the workshop Homeschooling Through High Schoolevery parent of any child will receive the encouragement to recognize this season as a time of harvest where they will see the fruits of their labor be produced.  Additionally, how to build a course of study according to your child’s abilities and futures will be explained.

Transitioning Your Special Learner to Life Beyond High School (Handout Available)

In this workshop, we will acknowledge there is no one-size fits all pathway for transitioning our special learners to life beyond high school. Whether your special learner is college bound, on the path to apprenticeship, continuing a family business, or needing continued help far into the adult years, you will walk away with ideas and tools to help your special learner find their own unique pathway to success in life beyond the high school years.

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