Roy Speed

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Roy Speed is a homeschooling dad with a passion for writing and literature and, in particular, for Shakespeare. For thirty years he has worked with large organizations as an expert on writing, and he is a sometime lecturer on business writing at The Wharton School. One of his many writing programs has been translated into 17 languages and has become required training for more than a quarter-million employees. For homeschoolers Roy now teaches online, honors-level courses in literature and writing. He is also the author of The Writer’s Guide to Grammar and, with his wife, the co-founder of HS College-Bound.

Speaker Workshops

Literature and Our Teens: Social & Aesthetic Nourishment for Homeschooled Students
Adolescents today are starving: they’re aesthetically and culturally undernourished. Among the many culprits: Our poor use of literature throughout secondary education. Great works on high school reading lists are treated as mere boxes to checked off, and do students really learn to love Dickens in AP lit? — Our STEM students, moreover, will have few electives in college; the high school years may represent their real taste of literature. This homeschooling dad shows how we can use literature to nourish our teens, expand their emotional intelligence, and sharpen their insight into human relationships.
Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay: Five Things About Writing Most Students are Never Taught

Most students today are asked to write essays before they’ve actually read any. Worse, they’re taught writing in highly artificial forms, like the five-paragraph essay — a kind of writing no one in the real world ever has to produce. Thishomeschooling dad has worked for thirty years as a writing consultant, and here he shares his practical perspective both on our students’ real needs and on the classroom methods traditionally used to teach writing. He also shows parents five writing practices that our students need to master but are seldom taught.

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