Rand Hummel

2023 MassHOPE Convention Featured Speaker

Speaker Bio

Served with The Wilds Christian Camp & Conference Centers since 2008.

  • Honorary Doctorate in 2002 from Bob Jones University
  • Ordained into the gospel ministry 1982
  • Hosts “DAILY MEDITATIONS” for teens and teens with wrinkles
  • Authored many Bible helps and devotional commentaries
  • Wife and best friend: Amber
  • Two grown children and three intelligent, beautiful grandchildren

Rand Hummel has given his life to be a friend of teens. His unique, humorous approach to the Word of God has been an encouragement to teens. He loves God, the Word of God, and teenagers. His goal is to help teens and parents to hate sin and love God more. Other than this, he’s just an overall nice guy.

Speaker Workshops

The Curse of Discontentment

In what way has God been unfair to you? What do you want that God has not already given you? At what point will you be totally satisfied with what you have in life? When will you realize that God is more than enough? At what point will you be able to “thank” God for what you have rather than “ask” God for what you want? Discontentment is a curse that will poison every relationship and every task in life. It is a curse.

The Relevancy of Scripture in a High-Tech World

God’s Word is living and relevant for every generation—even for our digital world. What does God have to say about texting? Facebook? Pinterest? Snapchat? Is God’s inspired Word up-to-date enough to tackle the technology of our plugged-in world?

Stress Less/Trust More

If you find yourself weighed down by stress or constantly in battle against anxiety, there is a release. When Christ said, “Take no thought!” He meant it. Build a bird-feeder. Stop and smell the lilies. Sing “The wise man built his house upon the rock”. Jesus gave us some great principles to meditate on and thus manage the stress and anxiety in our lives.

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