Rand Hummel

2024 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Dr. Rand Hummel has served with The Wilds Christian Camp & Conference Centers since 2008. He was ordained into the gospel ministry (1982), has an honorary doctorate from Bob Jones University (2002), hosts “Daily Meditations” for all ages, has authored Bible helps and devotional commentaries, is married to his wife and best friend, Amber, and has two grown children and three grandchildren.

Having given his life to be a friend of teens, Rand’s unique, humorous approach to the Word of God has been an encouragement to teens. He loves God, the Word of God, and teenagers. His goal is to help teens and parents to hate sin and love God more. Other than this, he’s just an overall nice guy.

  • Honorary Doctorate in 2002 from Bob Jones University
  • Ordained into the gospel ministry 1982
  • Hosts “DAILY MEDITATIONS” for teens and teens with wrinkles
  • Authored many Bible helps and devotional commentaries
  • Wife and best friend:  Amber
  • Two grown children and three intelligent, beautiful grandchildren

Speaker Workshops

The Tattle-Tale Tongue

We talk about what we think about and we think about what we love. How can we look deep inside to see what we really are? All we need to do is listen! Why? Because our tongue is a tattle-tale of our hearts.


We can never underestimate the importance and necessity of reading. READ. Read. Examine. Apply. Do. The key to retention is unlocked in this session that encourages all students to read, examine, apply, and do what they read from the Word of God.


The ultimate need of every student is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You know Christ—but do you have the courage, compassion, and confidence to clearly present His plan of redemption with your students? Knowing that God has not given us the spirit of fear, what does He give us instead?

Knowing God Better / Loving God More

Two years from now, we will do what we love! When we are consumed with the “Shema” by loving God and others, we do well. When we get tired and distracted and start loving self, more than others, we struggle. What is the key to “increasing in our love for God”?

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