Paul Hastings

2022 MassHOPE Convention Featured Speaker

Speaker Bio

Paul Hastings is a podcaster and entrepreneur. He has consulted extensively in the film, marketing, and political arenas. He is the host of “Compelled”, a podcast telling unique stories about God working through people’s lives.

He has also produced several award-winning short films and commercials.

His work has been featured by Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, World Magazine, The Gospel Coalition, American Family Association, TheBlaze, CBN News, WND, and more.

Paul, his wife, and their three children live near Austin, Texas, and attend Redemption Hill Church.

Speaker Workshops

Strong Fatherhood (Keynote)

Shortly after the birth of his first son, Paul lost the use of both of his arms and hands. For months he was forced to stop working and finally listened to the message that God was trying to share with him… 

…that work had become an obsession and his family an afterthought. What Paul learned has transformed his perspective on parenting and what being a strong father means.

The Higher Calling of Fatherhood

What does it mean to be a godly father who leads his family faithfully? Hear these true stories about homeschool dads who have grappled with this question:

  • An NFL Super Bowl Champion who came to Christ after realizing the world’s definition of success was hollow.
  • An Orthodox Jew who found Christ after reading the Book of Matthew, even at the price of being shunned by everyone he knew.
  • An Army Lieutenant Colonel who was at the Pentagon on 9/11 when a Boeing 757 crashed yards away from him, engulfing his body in flames, sending him on an unforgettable journey of faith and hope.
What is a Leader? (Teens)
Being a leader is more than being the loudest person in the room or having the smartest ideas. It’s more than being the most admired or the most famous. Paul shares a mixture of humorous personal experiences, impactful testimonies, and Scripture that shed light on the meaning of leadership.
Tools for Leadership (Teens)
Everyone is a leader. What kind are you? Paul shares seven practical steps to developing leadership. Teens will be entertained and inspired hearing Paul share lessons from his own leadership journey and will walk away with real-life applications drawn from Scripture.
Entrepreneurship 101 (Teens)
Think you might be an entrepreneur at heart? Come and learn the top five questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge. Then learn how to find the right market, avoid the biggest mistakes, and take the practical steps today to set yourself up for future success.

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