Nancy Manos

2024 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Nancy Manos is a graduated homeschool mom of two. She taught her daughters through high school and found it to be a rich, rewarding, and sometimes challenging experience. Nancy is passionate about encouraging parents in the homeschool adventure. She and her husband James live in Gilbert, Arizona and are happy grandparents to two adorable grandboys. James and Nancy served on the board of Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) for 13 years, and Nancy was the Executive Director for 3 ½ years. Nancy enjoys graphic design, event planning, and in her spare time likes to quilt, garden, cook, and read.

Workshops handouts available for download below.

Speaker Workshops

Tips for Successful Homeschooling (Thursday evening)

In this encouraging session, Nancy shares tips she’s learned along the way for making the home education adventure more effective and fruitful—and more enjoyable, too! Part of homeschool success is knowing what might undermine your efforts. We’ll touch on several obstacles to success and explore what success might look like for your family. You’ll also glean ideas to help you organize your time, your home, your schedule, and your life in ways that will foster a successful homeschool experience with your children.

Curriculum Approaches (Handout Available)

Homeschooling jargon can be confusing even for seasoned homeschool parents. In this workshop, we’ll go through an overview of some of the most common curriculum approaches including traditional textbook, Classical, Charlotte Mason, literature-based, unit studies, and eclectic. Nancy will share examples of curriculum and resources for each approach and provide a helpful handout summarizing the pros and cons of each approach along with a list of resources.

You (and Jesus) Are Enough

Feeling weary? Worried that you’re failing your children? Need a boost of confidence to keep plugging along? Join Nancy as she reminds us that God has placed our children in our unique families and that He has equipped us as to raise, disciple, and educate them. She’ll share encouragement from God’s Word that will refresh you and revitalize you in your mission as a homeschooling mom. In Christ, you are indeed enough!

The Price is Right (Ladies' Dessert)

Homeschooling requires a great deal of sacrifice and investment. As an experienced homeschool mom who taught her children at home through high school, Nancy will tell you that the price is absolutely right! When we choose to homeschool our children, we have the opportunity to nurture and develop the unique gifts and abilities the Lord has placed in each one at a much deeper level than if they were in someone else’s care every day. In this session we will talk about the price we pay and remind ourselves why we started this journey and how we can finish strong.

Getting Started Homeschooling

You’ve made the decision to homeschool or perhaps you’re exploring homeschooling as an option for your family. What’s next? Nancy will provide some direction as you embark upon this journey of teaching your children at home. We’ll cover ideas for lesson planning, basic supplies to have on hand, creating a schedule that works for your family, the benefits of joining a local homeschool group, how to balance enrichment activities and family life, and more.

Finding Joy in the Homeschool Journey

The homeschool reality sometimes involves struggles that can leave a parent feeling overwhelmed and inadequate with children who are equally frustrated. The truth is that while the nitty gritty of teaching our children at home is sometimes messy and emotional with a variety of highs and lows, homeschooling is a great privilege and, yes, even a joy! Join Nancy as she shares encouragement to bolster you on those challenging days and refresh you as you endeavor to create an atmosphere of joy in this learning adventure with your children.

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