Nancy Manos

2020 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Nancy is passionate about encouraging parents in the home education adventure. Some of her very favorite things involve hosting and participating in events that encourage and equip homeschooling parents, writing articles about home education and life, and speaking to homeschool groups on a variety of topics.

In addition to leading her state homeschool organization in Arizona and speaking at its annual convention in Phoenix as well as to many homeschool groups around that state, she has been blessed with the opportunity to speak at a number of home education conventions and events around the country.

Speaker Workshops

Getting Started in Homeschooling

You’ve made the decision to homeschool or you’re contemplating home education. What’s next? Nancy will provide some direction as you embark upon this journey of teaching your children at home. You’ll come away with a checklist of basic supplies you might want to have on hand and what’s required to file a letter of intent. We’ll also cover ideas for lesson planning, creating a schedule that works for your family, the benefits of joining a local homeschool group, and how to balance extracurricular activities.

Curriculum Approaches

Homeschooling jargon can be confusing even for seasoned homeschool parents. In this workshop, Nancy will give an overview of many of the most common curriculum approaches including textbook, unit studies, classical, Charlotte Mason/living books, eclectic, and relaxed/delight-directed learning. We will also go over examples of curriculum and resources that tend to work best with each approach.

Creating Lapbooks to Enhance Learning (By pre-registration only)

Lapbooks are a great way to enhance learning and they allow your child to create a review of what’s been learned in a compact folder. Come and learn the basics of lapbooking in this fun, hands-on, instructional workshop! Nancy will go step-by-step through the entire lapbook making process including covering folding tips for creating a variety of mini-books to go inside the lapbook. You’ll make a sample lapbook to take home with you in this workshop. Lapbooks can be used with many different subjects by students of all ages. They are a fantastic, interactive, educational tool for every style of learner. (Special pre-registration with $5 fee)

Joy in the Journey

The idea of teaching our children at home can be a rather dreamy notion. We imagine happy, contented, obedient children that rise early, complete their chores without complaint, and cheerfully gather around the kitchen table eager to learn. The reality often involves struggles that can leave a mom feeling overwhelmed and inadequate with children who are equally frustrated. The truth is that while the nitty gritty of teaching our children at home is sometimes messy and emotional with a variety of highs and lows, homeschooling is a great privilege and, yes, even a joy! Join Nancy as she shares encouragement to bolster you on those challenging days and refresh you as you endeavor to create an atmosphere of joy in this adventure with your children.

Tips for Successful Homeschooling

Nancy shares tips she’s learned along the way for making the home education adventure more effective and fruitful — and more enjoyable, too! We’ll talk about what success looks like and share 12 obstacles to success. Glean ideas to help you organize your time, your home, your schedule, and your life in ways that will foster a successful homeschool experience with your children.

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