Mike Snavely

2023 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Mike Snavely, son of missionaries, was reared in South Africa.  He and his wife, Carrie, were also missionaries there and home educated their three children.

In 1995 he founded Mission Imperative, a creation-oriented ministry.  Mike authored “Creation or Evolution” (curriculum) and has produced many videos including the “Adventures of Ranger Mike” series.  An inductee into the Creation Science Hall of Fame, his prime ministry is presenting seminars related to biblical origins.

They also host two excursions.  The “Southwest Safari” is a 10-day, flood-oriented trip to the UT/AZ region. The “African Wildlife Safari” is a 16-day, creation-oriented tour to South Africa.

Speaker Workshops

The Pillars of Evolution

This session defines “science” and illustrates the scientific method of problem solving.  In the light of true science, the three main concepts that the theory of evolution is based upon are examined and shown to be faith-based rather than science-based.  The purpose of this session is not only to show that science does not support evolutionary theory, but also to give people some “tools” with which to combat the theory.  

The Horror of the Flood!

Could you explain where the water for a world-wide flood would have come from, and where it all went?!  Many Christians can’t.  Understanding the flood (the purpose, the causes, the aftermath and the evidence) is very important to an understanding of a biblically sound creation model.  This session covers the basics about this event, and also includes a video & PowerPoint presentation on the “Hydroplate Theory”.  This theory is a biblically accurate and scientifically feasible portrayal of the flood event.  

Aunt Lucy?

What evidence is there that humans evolved from ape-like creatures?  As it turns out, not much!  In fact, the “evidence” is stunningly sparse, being limited to a few fossilized bones.  However, many of these are either fakes, or greatly misinterpreted and exaggerated.  This session uses humor as it exposes much of this.  

The Mystery of the Dinosaurs

This session provides a biblical alternative to the standard explanation for these creatures, and answers the basic questions everyone has on the subject – What were dinosaurs? When did they live? What really happened to them? Does the Bible talk about them?, etc.  This is one of our most requested sessions. 

The Stricken Earth

The earth is wearing out, just like the Bible said it would.  The earth is undergoing changes that can be seen everywhere — Why do volcanoes erupt?  Why are there earthquakes and tsunamis?  Why do rocks fall from the sky?  What are comets?  Why are there unique weather patterns?  And, is the earth warming?  If so, why?  Why are all continents shifting toward the Pacific? What produces El Niños?  The answers are all related, and might surprise you! 

That's Impossible!

Animals display incredible variety.  This includes the amazing aspect of instinct, which each animal possesses uniquely.  Some, however, go beyond this and enter the world of symbiosis, especially “mutualism” – when creatures need each other to survive!  It is inconceivable to imagine that both instinct and symbiosis just randomly happened, unguided by a Designer!  This session closes with a twist on what many people think is impossible with God’s involvement with the issues found in Genesis 1-12.

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