Mark Hamby

2024 MassHOPE Featured Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Mark is the president of Lamplighter Ministries, whose mission is to inspire others to know God intimately, proclaim Him passionately, and enjoy Him infinitely! Over the past 30 years, he has led Lamplighter to publish over 250 riveting stories, produced over 30 world-class audio dramas, and is the chancellor for Lamplighter’s collegiate program, The Masters Guild. If you have heard Mark speak you know that he loves to tell stories; but not just any kind of story—stories that disarm defenses, melt away bitterness, and lift the soul to the riches of God’s redeeming truths.

Speaker Workshops

Six Types of Children: A Parent’s Priority, A Child’s Choice

Travel with Dr. Mark through Proverbs 1-9 and learn about six character types: mockers, foolish, simple, knowledgeable, wise, or discerning. Many children and adults find themselves most closely aligned with the mockers, the foolish, and the simple. In this seminar you will learn the essential steps a child must take to become knowledgeable, wise, and discerning. Once these steps are learned, children and adults can gain Wisdom’s highest rewards, promising that “anything you can desire cannot be compared to it.” According to Dr. Mark, if there was just one thing he could impart to children and parents, it would be this.

You Are What You Read!
This seminar promises to be a great awakening for creative imaginations. Based on the principles of Ecclesiastes 3, 12, Romans 4, 5 and 2 Peter 1, parents will discover the importance of stories with relatable characters who are challenged, who struggle, and who change and grow. According to Charles T. Jones, “You will be the same five years from now as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” This calls for a rebirth of inspiring literature that builds godly character from the ground up! In this dramatized lecture, be prepared to laugh and cry as Dr. Hamby demonstrates the power of literature and exposes the foolishness of Folly’s seduction prevalent in today’s “Christian” literature. All attendees will receive a catalog of Christian literature written from the 17th through 19th centuries and an annotated bibliography that Mark believes is among the most powerful, life-changing literature in the world.
Raise Them Up, Don’t Crush Them Down (Saturday Keynote)

Children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices. Listen to their words and you will discover their heart. Rules can change behavior, but not their heart. Discipline is necessary for purposeful disobedience, but irritating character flaws are transformed by truth and loving correction. As each day begins with new compassions, only then will children feel safe to admit their faults and seek help from those they love. It is love, not fear, and grace, not law, which rescues their hearts. Join Mark as he shares his experience as a shepherd and the unforgettable lesson that you don’t become a shepherd just because you own sheep.

Don’t Let Go! Resolved Conflicts and Restored Relationships

Family conflict is inevitable. You can cover it up and try to look good before others, or you can come face-to-face with it and accept the changes that need to be made. In this hard-hitting seminar, Dr. Mark exposes how the dysfunctional family of Jacob and Rebekah serve as a microcosm of conflict for all families. From marital dysfunction to sibling rivalry, Dr. Mark exposes how children react in direct relation to their parent’s marital relationship. Once the root cause of conflict has been identified, then each family member can receive that which they long for—unconditional acceptance. For when we are valued, we are able to experience what God describes as being “blessed.”

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