support group

support group

Learning Together Cooperative


LEARNING TOGETHER COOPERATIVE consists of parents coming together to teach enrichment courses to their K-8th grade children in a group setting. A nursery is provided for children that are younger than kindergarten. Classes meet Friday mornings for two semesters. The heart of our cooperative is a monthly parent meeting where we offer support and encouragement to one another! We currently offer a group in Hopkinton in Attleboro.

Learning together welcomes new members. Due to building space limitations and a desire to maintain a close knit support group, the leadership team is constantly evaluating the group size. As openings occur, new members are welcome to join learning together prior to the beginning of a new semester. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the contact form in the learning together website.

The parent meeting is the heart of learning together cooperative. Therefore when you sign up for our group, you are committing to parent meetings and classes. This unique feature gives us the opportunity to meet together without our children to fellowship, study Scripture, pray, discuss homeschool issues, share ideas, and get to know one another. It is a time to build biblical community. We meet monthly for six meetings during our school year.

Our classes meet weekly for two 10 week semesters (September through November and January through April). The group allows for our children to develop relationships with other children in their peer group while incorporating worship, community, learning, and fun.