support group

support group


Uxbridge, MA

Deltec, where we do education in life together in Christ. We are a community of Christ-centered, like minded, homeschool families that come together to support one another and build character through a variety of complementary educational classes and activities ages newborn through 12th grade.

We meet on Fridays for 10 weeks in the fall starting on the first Friday in October and 10 weeks in the spring starting on the first Friday in March. We have closing programs at the end of each semester.

We meet from 8:45 AM to 12:30 PM.We have a half hour morning assembly. Followed by four 45 minute classes. We also have a snack time in the morning. All may stay for lunch which runs from 12:30 PM to 2 PM.

We have a planning meeting before each semester where each parent takes a role as a teacher and/or teacher aid.

Our current fee is $15 per child up to a maximum of $75. These funds are used in its entire ready to cover the cost of class materials, etc. for each 10 week period.

All parents rotate into a devotional that focuses on the struggles and successes we encounter as homeschool parents. We role model, being transparent in this journey, so we can get the support we need from each other.