Connie Albers

2022 MassHOPE Convention Featured Speaker

Speaker Bio

An author, podcaster, speaker, and radio co-host Connie Albers communicates truths about real relationships, genuine faith, homeschool helps, and practical solutions through stories that draw people in. Within minutes, men and women feel like they’re enjoying time with an old friend. Connie has spoken to a wide variety of audiences, including Fox 35 Orlando, The Best of 2020 Series for Focus on the Family, FPEA, and numerous ministry events. Through her Equipped To Be podcast and various online mediums, Connie has reached over a million listeners committed to building biblical families who love the Lord and enjoy doing life together. She is warm, relatable, practical, and infuses hope for every woman to live the life God intended.

Speaker Workshops

Homeschooling Reimagined
Homeschooling is the fastest growing educational model in the country, with millions of students doing at-home learning. Yet, peer bullying, classroom chaos, outdated learning environments, and online opportunities make leadership and families reimagine the possibilities of homeschooling. Veteran homeschool mother of five and trusted leader addresses the long-term benefits of staying the course. Connie Albers offers encouragement wrapped in humor from her 35 years of parenting and uses real-life stories as she paints pictures of possibilities for your homeschool success.
Parenting and Homeschooling beyond the Rules

Like you, we began our homeschool journey not knowing what to do or where we would end up. I created rules, set limits, and established boundaries but learned valuable lessons when things didn’t go as planned. God was working in the midst of it all. Learning to parent the heart of my kids made us stronger. As our children changed, we did too. We watched in humbleness as God used our homeschool journey to change our family legacy forever.

Starve the Fear, Grow Your Faith (Ladies’ Dessert Fellowship)

From facing COVID to struggling with shutdowns and job loss to being silenced by cancel culture, the Albers have found that God is faithful. They’ve experienced first-hand the strengths that come when you starve the fear and move to faith, watching God work in your family. Sharing God stories they’ve experienced, Connie will guide you to: 

  • Discern God’s voice and find peace in obedience.
  • Accept God’s invitation to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Focus on God’s ability rather than your inability.
  • Keep your eyes on the Mountain Mover and not the mountains.
Remain Steadfast During High School

Your teen is changing, and they need you to stay the course through the most critical years of your homeschooling journey? While they struggle to figure out life, your steadiness helps them navigate the adulting process with less stress and great confidence. When you understand how to navigate the high school years, they can be the most rewarding years of your parenting journey.

Rules Minus Relationship Equals Rebellion

Have you made a list of rules only to get discouraged when your teen doesn’t follow them? Do you feel your attempts to create close relationships feel one-sided? Rest assured, mom, you aren’t alone. While every family needs rules, limits, and boundaries to help protect your child and keep order, they cannot come at the expense of your relationship. It’s not the rules that cause our children to rebel. Often something is missing. Connie Albers, the mother of five adult children, shares how to create rules, build relationships, and reduce rebellion. 

Technology: How to Create Positive Social Footprint

If you are like most parents, you are concerned about what your kids might post online. Unfortunately, social media is a powerful platform that isn’t going away. While more and more kids seek relationships online, you can teach them how to create a positive profile that helps influence the next generation. Connie Albers educates teens and parents on using technology as a tool for the Kingdom by creating a positive social profile that promotes causes they are passionate about. This presentation is for you if you want to learn from a mother who has successfully navigated her five children through the social media maze.

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