Connie Albers

2021 MassHOPE Convention Featured Speaker

Speaker Bio

Connie Albers is an author, speaker, and podcaster, who strengthens parents through her speaking and various leadership roles. Connie has entered the publishing world with her new #1 ranked Amazon Hot New Release book Parenting beyond the Rules, which outlines positive approaches to parenting today’s teenagers.

She is featured on Focus on the Family, The Busy Mom podcast, 100 Huntley Street and a columnist for Homeschooling Today magazine and contributor for Focus on the Family.

She is a respected leader, social media enthusiast, and trusted mom who understands the challenges of balancing demands of life, work, motherhood, and homeschool.

Connie and her husband, Tom, married 35 years, have homeschooled their five children. Join the community at for support.

Speaker Workshops

What If I Ruin My Child?

Have you wondered if homeschooling would ruin your child? If you answered yes, then take comfort, you are not alone. We all struggle at some point with this thought. After all, homeschooling is “on the job” training. When Connie started homeschooling 25 years ago, that is what she thought as well. During this presentation, parents will learn truths from a mom who knows you are not ruining your child.

Remaining Steadfast During High School

It’s often hard to stay the course during the high school years. Everything is changing: the rules, the requirements, and the relationship. Your teen is changing. The rules aren’t working like they once did.  So why is staying the course through the teen years the most critical and crucial years of your homeschooling journey? Kids need you to be the steady force in their life. When you understand how to navigate the teen years they can be the most rewarding years of your parenting journey.

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