Hi!  My name is Linda Lacour Hobar.  Allow me to introduce you to The Mystery of History.  I wrote this curriculum with the hope of inspiring generations to know God and make Him known.  One way to do that is through the fascinating study of world history.  World history to me is not just dates, events, and revolutions—it’s the story of God revealing Himself to mankind.  Through prophets, priests, and paupers—God speaks.  Through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God’s Word—the Father reveals.  Some people bow down to Him; some don’t.  But God continues to make Himself known.    

The Mystery of History is Chronological, Christian, Complete world history for all ages.  Allow me to elaborate on this award-winning program:

Chronological – Through four volumes, each representing a major era of world history, The Mystery of History follows history in the order that it happened all over the world.  

  • Volume I, spanning ancient times, uniquely weaves Bible history and world history together—on the same timeline! 
  • Volume II, medieval times, offers a look at the early Church and the Middle Ages. 
  • Volume III, the Renaissance and Reformation, pulls together the master artists of the era alongside the Reformers that shaped Christian history. 
  • Volume IV, modern history, seeks to tie in major events in American history in the context of world history and bring to life the important “-isms” of history (communism, Darwinism, fascism, Marxism, socialism, totalitarianism, etc.) While our volumes are for all ages, we feel Volume IV is the most relevant for high school students seeking to earn a credit in world history.

ChristianThe Mystery of History is written from a biblical worldview with the Word of God as the source of absolute truth. Lessons in The Mystery of History are like fragments of a mosaic that only begin to reveal a much bigger picture and tell a farther-reaching story. Open the hearts and minds of your students to this incredible journey through the ages where the fingerprints of God are apparent.  

Complete – Each volume in The Mystery of History series contains everything you need for a year of world history. Through a 500-page downloadable PDF Companion Guide, we offer pretests; hands-on enrichment/research activities for Younger, Middle and Older Students; timeline directions; mapping exercise; memory cards; quizzes; and more.  Though it is not necessary to supplement the student reader, each volume contains a massive list of supplemental books, classics, and read-aloud favorites.   


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