Hands-On Science with quality kits and curriculum. Ages 8 to Adults. Prepare for the future.

We offer kits and curriculum that Teach Electronics in a Hands-on, self-instructional format. (Moms – You Do Not need to learn Electronics for your child to learn it!)

Small kits from under $12.00 (with discount) to whole curriculum worth at least 1 ½ High School Credits including a lab. These Instill an interest in technology as young as 8. 

Prepare your student for the Careers of Tomorrow – If they are going into any type of technical career, an understanding of Basic Electronics is Essential. For ages 12 and up, students who have shown an interest in electronics/computer science, can get real, hands-on experience as they start with the fundamentals, then step by step build an advanced electronics project. 

Hundreds of homeschoolers have completed our courses so we know they can be done totally independently or in a co-op setting. Best of all, they can earn 1 ½ high school credits including a lab! In the first semester they build and learn “Part 1: Basic Electronics” and then “Part 2: Advanced Electronics” the second semester. These courses can prepare them to be “job ready” and/or “college ready.”


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