Suzanne Fenton

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Over the past 20 years, Suzanne’s experience as an educator has taken her from the classroom, to one-on-one tutoring, to homeschooling her own four kids, giving her experience in many different learning styles and environments. With a degree in secondary education, she is a life-long learner, avid reader, and French enthusiast. When she’s ready to get her nose out of the books, she loves to cycle and cross-country ski.

Speaker Workshops

Building a Solid Math Foundation
Who is going to build a house by starting with the walls? Without a solid foundation, those walls may hold up for a bit but eventually will come crashing down. Math is a lot like building a house. We need to start with a strong foundation and build up from there. It doesn’t have to be hard! Come and see how easy it is to teach math.
You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher
Maybe you struggled with math, so how do you choose a curriculum to avoid the same fate for your child? Maybe you are really good in math but are unsure how to teach it now? Should you include manipulatives or not? What DOES it take to be the best teacher for your child? Find out the science and the art of teaching math. It is a science because much research has been done on how children learn, especially in math. It is an art because each child is different and lessons need to be tweaked. Come learn and be encouraged to become a great math teacher.
Math Myths, Math Anxiety, and Math Learning Challenges
Is your child facing learning challenges? Does your child have math anxiety? And what myths are we talking about?? Children with learning challenges must truly understand in order to remember. The traditional approach of teaching mathematics does not work for them. In this workshop, you will learn some teaching strategies and techniques that will help children with learning challenges, reduce math anxiety, and debunk the myths that make your task harder than it needs to be.
Fractions: Misunderstood by Most
Fractions are often misunderstood and feared by children and parents. Come to this presentation and find a better and clearer way of teaching fractions. Fractions are, dare I say, fun when they are taught the right way. What’s the right way to teach them? Come and uncover the beauty and simplicity of fractions.

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