Scott B. Key

2024 MassHOPE Speaker

Speaker Bio

Scott B. Key has devoted his life to imparting to the next generations the value of Biblical truths, a classical education and a life lived with joy and meaning. As Professor Emeritus in Philosophy from California Baptist University, Scott seeks to assist young people, educators and professionals to think deeply and carefully about their calling from the perspective of the Christian worldview. He and his wife, Mary, now live in Massachusetts and operate the C.S. Lewis Study Center in Northfield. They home-educated their three children, and are grateful to see them navigating young adulthood with courage and faithfulness.

Workshops handouts available for download below.

Speaker Workshops

An Introduction to Worldview Thinking (Thursday evening)

This session is a brief introduction to both the concept of “worldview” and the basic contours of the Christian worldview.  After a discussion of the definition of “worldview,” we will examine the essential aspects of the Christian worldview as it relates to the nature of basic presuppositions, knowledge, and the shape of reality. With this basic foundation, the session will end with an exploration of ways homeschooling parents can incorporate these understandings in their family curriculum.

An Introduction to The Chronicles of Narnia (Thursday evening - Handout Available)
This session will be a brief conceptual and thematic overview of The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. This discussion will include some clues to the structure of the series, the prominent themes of each book, and significant passages in the books. This brief introduction will end with a general Q/A during which participants will be able to ask questions about how the Chronicles can be used in homeschooling.
Is Theology Poetry? (Handout Available)

This session is centered upon an essay by C. S. Lewis entitled:  Is Theology Poetry?  This brief essay, provides an engaging encounter between Modern philosophy (18th to 20th Century) and historic, orthodox Christian thinking. The essay is accessible and insightful. The session will provide a context for the essay, a discussion of the argument Lewis employs, and application for our context.

The Problem of Truth

Truth is under assault in our culture. How can we think about truth? What are the models for truth utilized in our culture today? How can Christian thinking help us understand truth? How can we help our children understand what truth is? The discussion of this topic will lead us into the Biblical understanding of truth and a Trinitarian understanding of how we can think about truth. The Q/A section of the session will highlight ways in which this discussion can inform how we shape our children’s learning in light of the Biblical understanding of truth. 

The Importance of Christian Higher Education

How do Homeschooling parents help their children make good decisions about college?  Is Christian higher education an option? What about private secular education? Is the state system a viable option? What about STEM education? What are the possibilities for authentic Christian discipleship continuing for your homeschooler during their college years? Is college even a good option? These are only a few of the questions that homeschooling parents face as they think about the future. This session is an exploration of the issues and concerns that must be addressed before a wise decision can be made.

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