Peter T. Miller

2023 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Peter T. Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Applied Inspirations, LLC is a Physicist, Chemist, Engineer, Programmer, and Prototype Developer. In high school, he took the Chemistry Achievement Test on a whim, and scored 798 out of 800.  He was a Research Physicist at Pitney Bowes, had his own electronics consulting business in Home Automation, helped developed one of the first small portable FAX machines and holds several patents. Later he worked in Automatic Flight Controls Systems at Sikorsky Aircraft.  At Applied Inspirations he is the developer of their kits and curriculum/kits and does new product prototyping for other companies.  His current passion is to pass on his enthusiasm for science as practical knowledge.

Speaker Workshops

Teaching Science – is Not Difficult with the Right Approach

We have been teaching science wrong for over 100 years – current methods are not inspiring students to pursue science careers. My goal is to present a better understanding of the What, Why, and How to teach science in a way that is more engaging, and therefore this knowledge will be retained. Key topics covered will be: What is Science, SMET not STEM, Physics First, and Motivation by Mission. Not everyone is meant to be an engineer or research scientist, but with a better presentation, everyone can have a basic understanding of the applications and importance of science and math.

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