Mary Pomroy Key

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Mary Pomroy Key believes that no experiences are mere detours; nothing is wasted. So what better position to hold now but President of the C.S. Lewis Study Center, housed in an 1887 Victorian? Drawing from a background in teaching Children’s Literature, counseling families, co-authoring the book Women and C.S. Lewis, being home-educated along with her husband, Scott, by their three now-grown children, hosting Narnia-themed birthday events, “propping” several plays and musicals, designing kitchens, collecting antique toys and books, and loving all things British, Mary marvels at this Divinely woven tapestry called life.

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Speaker Workshops

A Good Book WiIl Take You (almost) Anywhere!

Using Jacqueline Briggs Martin’s, Snowflake Bentley, workshop participants will discover how any good book, just as each creatively formed snowflake, is unique and offers abundant opportunities for exploration within a broad curriculum – science, literature, art, music, geography, virtuous living, and more – all launched from a single book! (all ages welcome)

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