Kristin Eckenwiler

2020 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Kristen Eckenwiler graduated with honors from the UCF, earning a Masters degree in Reading.  She has taught public school, and a variety of courses in Elementary Education at the collegiate level.  Additionally, she has taught classes for the homeschool community.  Kristen has homeschooled her two sons, while also staying very busy testing, tutoring, and providing a variety of products and services through her educational business, The Struggling Reader.  Kristen has been speaking at conferences all over the United States for over a decade.  She brings both a wealth of knowledge and a visible passion to all of her workshops.

Speaker Workshops

Why Can Reading Be So Hard?

Learning to read is a complex, amazing accomplishment even for those that seem to catch on easily.  For those that struggle it can be terribly discouraging for both the teacher and the student.  As you seek to understand the nature of your child’s learning issue, what is often overlooked is a true understanding of the reading process itself.  This workshop is designed to better equip you to understand how we learn to read, and why it can be difficult for some.

What If Your Child Is the Fish that Can’t Climb the Tree?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

What are visual-spatial learners? Visual imagery plays a significant role in their learning. If you show them directions to a model airplane they are overwhelmed before you begin BUT, show them the model first and the directions make sense!  Come learn how this represents 1/3 of all students – and learn ways that you can adjust your teaching and curriculum to reach them. Every parent should hear this!

Strategies to Teach Reading to All Learning Styles

This workshop is offered to provide practical application of the five key elements of reading discussed in the workshop, “Why Can Reading Be So Hard?”  Whether you attended the earlier workshop or not, you will be blessed by learning about teaching strategies and innovative activities that not only gives you fresh ideas for more effective teaching, but will also help you better understand the essentials for reading success.

A Supportive View of the Struggling Learner Journey

Whether you have an official diagnosis, or simply suspect that something is just not clicking the way it should, your journey with a struggling learner is unique.  Beyond the search for an effective curriculum, there is much more to learn in order to be the most effective parent/teacher for your beloved child.  Join us for a helpful and encouraging discussion of the challenges you face with a struggling learner.

Learning Challenges? Dyslexia? Delays? Uncovering What’s Going on and Reasons for Formal Testing

When a child seems to flounder for no easily identified reason, parents often exhaust themselves in their search for answers.  They may wonder if there might be a learning disability at the root of the child’s struggle.  Kristen has designed this workshop to help parents sort out the difference between routine struggles and those that could well be a learning disability.  What is Dyslexia? If you think it is only transposing letters, you need to come to this workshop! We will also explore reasons you may or may not decide on formal testing and how to go about doing that.

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