Kathryn Dunfee

2019 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Kathy Dunfee acquired a deep reverence for the wonder and beauty of nature from spending her childhood “in the woods.” She is passionate about engaging children of all ages in nature so they may experience its life-long source of refreshment. Kathy is a homeschool mom, wife, author, Mass Audubon teacher naturalist, pre-K teacher at Our Secret Garden in Newbury, Massachusetts and a nature study teacher at Plumfield Academy, a Charlotte Mason school in Danvers.

Workshops designated with  icon have handouts available for download.

Speaker Workshops

Lighting a Fire vs. Filling a Bucket: The Heart of a Charlotte Mason Education (Handout Available)

Kathy began homeschooling armed with how-to books and award-winning curriculum thinking she would do all the teaching and her children all the learning. Charlotte Mason’s writings completely transformed her approach. Kathy offers simple and practical ways to engage your children and yourself in a Charlotte Mason education by preparing a feast, laying down tracks (habits) for life to run more smoothly upon, and fostering an atmosphere of grace, truth, and beauty. God meets us in our weaknesses and failures, and we are changed. Charlotte Mason’s profound yet practical methods light a fire in the hearts of both teacher and student.

Nature's Secrets in Our Backyards and Beyond: Discovering the Wonders of Nature through Story, Music, Art, Imagination and More! (Handout Available)

Kathy Dunfee acquired a deep reverence for the beauty and wonder of nature from spending her childhood in her backyard. She invites you to re-awaken your sense of childlike wonder by simply stepping outside your back door. Based on Charlotte Mason’s approach to nature study, Kathy offers simple and practical “no-to-low-prep” ideas on how to engage children of all ages in nature through the language of poetry, literature, picture books, art, music, and adventures that enrich daily life. Nature Study is not a curriculum. It’s a way of life. A way of seeing the wonder all around us.

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