Israel Wayne

2023 MassHOPE Convention Featured Speaker

Speaker Bio

Israel Wayne is a homeschool graduate and father of eleven who is passionate about defending the Christian faith and developing a Biblical worldview. He is the Director of Family Renewal and author of the books Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask, Education: Does God Have an Opinion, and Raising Them Up: Parenting for Christians, among othersMore information may be found at

Speaker Workshops

Answers for Homeschooling: Top Questions Critics Ask
Many homeschoolers struggle with self-doubt and/or criticism for their decision by well-meaning friends and family. Here we’ll tackle some of the top objections people raise about home education and will give statistics and fact-based answers to build confidence to defend your choice to home educate.
The Difference Between Schooling and Education

Most people think of schooling when they hear the word “education.” The two, however, are not intrinsically linked in any way. Learn why most people are schooled, but never truly educated, and how you can ensure your children get a great education, even without schooling.

The Power of Affirmation
When you are trying to inspire and motivate children, there are two forces often exerted – positive and negative reinforcement. In this session, Israel explains the importance of affirmation as a way to inspire and motivate your reluctant child. Drawing from practical and Biblical examples, this session will help you to keep those important relational connections as you are attempting to impart knowledge.
Techno-Parenting: Navigating Screens and Media
Parents struggle with knowing how to balance their child’s use of technology and screen-time. We want our children to know how to use technology, but we struggle with knowing how much screen-time is harmful and addictive. This session will help give you courage and competence to navigate these difficult issues.
Transform Learning through the Art of Questions
Whether you are a parent seeking to motivate your reluctant learner, or you desire to break through your own limitations, you will make more progress if you learn to listen better and ask the right questions (the right way!). Learn how you can help yourself and others recognize hidden assumptions and overcome obstacles through learning the of asking questions.
Helping the ADD/ADHD Child
If you have a hyperactive or easily distracted child, you won’t want to miss this informative and sometimes humorous message that shares stories from Israel’s experience as an ADHD child himself. You will receive practical and Biblical insights into ADD/ADHD and will be encouraged that there is hope for your child!

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