Deborah Wuehler

2022 MassHOPE Convention Speaker

Speaker Bio

Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. She is wife to Richard, and has been homeschooling their 8 children for over 25 years. They have graduated 6 children so far, and have one middle school and one high school student to go. Deborah is an author, speaker, and devotional leader. Deborah’s passion is to encourage homeschool families to keep their focus on Christ and His Word, and to let them know they are making the best educational choice possible when they choose to keep their children Home Where They Belong.

Workshops handouts available for download below.

Speaker Workshops

Why Homeschool?
When you welcome a little baby into your family, you have begun the journey called home education. From their first breath to their first step to their first book read and all the way to that first milestone of graduation; learning doesn’t end. In this workshop, we look at when education begins and who is responsible for teaching. We also cover the history of homeschooling, true socialization, individualized instruction, rewards of obedience, and many Scriptures related to successful home education.
The Cost of NOT Homeschooling
What is wrong with our society today? How did we get here? We actually raised up these generations to be exactly where we are. We believe the Bible clearly states that God has given parents the responsibility to teach and train their own children. This workshop goes over many of the Scriptures related to this as well as showing the end result of not obeying these commands. It only takes one generation to lose our children and their children for generations to come. But the blessings abound when we obey God’s commands and keep His children Home Where They Belong.
Home Education: Why The Teacher Should be You!

If Godly children are the answer to the evils of the future, then Godly parents are the answer to who should teach them. What do Godly parent/teachers look like? God desires parents that will teach the next generation not only academically, but most importantly, Biblically. The outcome is good for the society, the church, the student, and our future generations. The best teacher that cares about your children and their future as much as you do—is you! Deborah reminds homeschoolers that they are making the best educational choice possible as they keep their children Home Where They Belong.

Do You Have All That You Need?
Do you feel like you just don’t have what you need to fulfill God’s purpose for your life as a home educator? Do you feel like you don’t have what it takes to be a Godly parent? Do you feel like you lack patience, understanding, kindness, or joy? Where we lack, God’s divine power provides. In this workshop, we see God’s power and grace given in order to do all that He asks of us and reflect Him to our children and to the world. His grace gives us all that we need to abound in every good work—even homeschooling!
Homeschooling Through Hardship

Death, illness, finances, marriage struggles, catastrophes, struggling teens, rebellious and difficult children, discouragement, or that feeling you are failing at life. Hard things happen to homeschool families, but there is great hope in the midst of hard things. Deborah talks about ten years of hardships in her journey and shares the hope in the midst of the hard things, as well as tips on practical, simple homeschooling through them. Deborah loves to encourage homeschool families that God has given them all that they need as they keep their children Home Where They Belong.


Homeschooling the Rebel

“I won’t do it!” my child screamed after being asked to sit down and start the day’s math assignment. “You will too!” I resolutely stated back. “I will not!” And there ensued an all-out fight of wills. The strong-willed mother determined to win over the strong-willed child. This workshop is designed to give you helpful tips in dealing with a strong-willed child, how to homeschool this child, how to stay sane in the midst of anguish, and to give you hope for the future. Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.


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