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2014 Workshops

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Carol Robb

Lapbooking 101
School can be fun and lapbooking is one way to open up learning for children while they are having fun.  This is a hands-on session that I teach to parents who are new to lapbooking.  I explain the basics of lapbooking, the reasons to lapbook, and provide examples of different types.  Then we create a sample lapbook together so they can go home with a completed lapbook that they can use as a reference as they make their own lapbooks with their children in the future.
God's Hand in History: from Creation through Christ
When God created Adam and Eve, He didnít just walk away and leave us to our own devices.  He had a plan and a Promise that He gave to Eve in Genesis 3:15:  a coming Savior.  In this session, I discuss how God fulfills this promise through Jesus Christ and that all of History points to His coming.  Even the difficult and cruel times are under His sovereign reign.  I will weave together events in History to show Godís intimate involvement.  I desire to encourage parents to study those parts of History with their children that are difficult to comprehend so that when their children grow up and experience tribulations, they know God is faithful because they have seen this in their History studies.
God's Hand in History: the Renaissance and Reformation
The Renaissance was an amazing time of Art and Science, but the main focus began to switch from dependence on God to glorifying man.  How important it is for us as parents to train our children to understand worldviews and how easily we can be caught in the trap of faulty thinking.  We must teach our children the events of History, helping them to examine the lies of the Renaissance so that they can recognize the same lies being taught in our society today.  But we also must examine the strengths and weaknesses of the men and women of the Reformation.  Our children can learn so much about how to stand firm for the Lord, how to stay humble before him and not to become arrogant and proud.
Lapbooking and Beyond
This session is for those parents who know the basics of lapbooking, but need ideas on how to use lapbooking in their homeschooling.  I will teach them how to develop a lapbook in Science, History, and Bible, with specifics on creating games and how to use the computer to design the lapbooks.


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