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2014 Workshops

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Frederica Jones

Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 1
Using the discussion of Godís plan for sexuality as a framework, Part 1 of the TALK workshop looks at why parents are hesitant to talk with their children about sex, what topics should be addressed at what developmental stages, a health education refresher, what the Bible has to say about sex and sex education, and what healthy marital modelling looks like.  The workshop should convince you that if you can talk about sex, you can talk about anything.  Topics include the following: 
  • Why aren't parents talking?
  • Does talking help?
  • Talk early and often.
  • First Conversations.
  • Puberty preparation.
  • Reproduction.
  • God's design for Sex.

Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 1 [57kB PDF]

Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 2
Continuing the discussion of Godís plan for sexuality, Part 2 develops why it is important that parents deliberately open up the topic of sex with their children.  This workshop gives parents insights on relationships and communication that will help their children set healthy sexual boundaries.  The discussion finishes by drawing on the wisdom of Ephesians 5:31-32, concluding that God gave sex in marriage as a symbol pointing to Godís love.  Topics include the following: 
  • What if parents don't talk?
  • The "hard" topics.
  • Use of the Internet.
  • The Adolescent Brain.
  • Dealing with sexual feelings.
  • God's good design for sex.

Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 2 [57kB PDF]

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