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2014 Workshops

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Denise Eide

Preparing Toddlers and Preschoolers to Become Strong Readers
Literacy is the foundation of all education. By providing preschool children with language learning opportunities that prepare them for reading, we can smooth their transition into the printed word. This workshop will present language learning games, ideas on teaching the phonograms to young students, and present the latest literacy research on early childhood and reading. Participants will be provided a handout with ideas they can use with their children at home.
It's Not an Exception! An Eye-Opening Approach to Reading and Spelling
Have you always believed English is illogical? Let your understanding of English be transformed! Denise Eide will reveal phonograms and spelling rules which explain 98% of English words. We will learn the rule which explains both sounds for C in accent and describes more than 6,000 words, three of the nine reasons for a Silent Final E, why we drop the Silent Final E in servicing but not in serviceable, and why many math and science minded kids struggle with reading and spelling. Do not miss this revolutionary workshop. You will leave wondering why someone didnít tell you this in kindergarten.
Teaching Handwriting with Success
Developing fluid, legible handwriting is foundational to education, yet this basic skill is often neglected in todayís world of computers. In this workshop we will explore the history of handwriting education, methods for teaching handwriting so that all students succeed, handwriting games and practice ideas, best practices for teaching cursive and manuscript, and more. Participants will also learn the latest handwriting research and how it applies to teaching reading and spelling. This workshop will provide practical information that can be used right away.
Calming Our Anxious Hearts
We live in a day with more opportunities than ever before, yet never have parents been so anxious about whether they are doing the "right" thing. Peace is far from many of our lives. Denise Eide will share insights from her journey toward embracing her kidsí strengths rather than worrying about their weaknesses, and respecting lifeís seasons rather than clinging to her own ideas. Discover how cultivating your familyís gifts, embracing struggle, living out your dreams, and giving thanks for the journey can bring greater peace. Come and be encouraged to open your hands and rest in Godís plan for you.


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