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2014 Workshops

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Carlita Boyles

Lighten the Load and Enjoy the Journey
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by homeschooling?  Are there days when you'd love to chuck it all and send them away to school - preferably far away? You're not alone.  Homeschooling is a challenge, but there are ways to lighten the load.  Join Carlita as this experienced homeschool mom gives tips and techniques for not only surviving the homeschooling adventure, but having fun along the way.  Jam packed with practical tips, great activities, and even some manageable ways to get yourself rejuvenated, you'll leave this workshop refreshed and ready to continue the homeschooling journey with joy.
Walking with Word Problems
Word problems can be so challenging, and so hard to teach when we copy  the classroom’s approach – but in homeschooling, we can do it differently!  In this encouraging workshop, Carlita will walk you through ways to bring word problems alive with a homeschool-centered approach.  Learn how to help your children "think mathematically" so that word problems become a reflection of life rather than a memorized formula.  The principles here can be applied to any age, so join Carlita to learn how to make word problems more fun.
Math Facts and More
Does your child struggle with math facts?  Does he or she feel like a failure in math because long division is overwhelming?  Join Carlita as she takes a fresh look at dealing with math facts  and other basic math operations, providing an arsenal of less-stress approaches for mastering them.  You'll leave with a different outlook and a new set of tools with which to tackle the math challenges facing your child.

Math Facts and More [229kB PDF]

Get Crafty with Math
For many homeschool families, arts and crafts tend to be ignored, especially as our children move past kindergarten. But most children love creative arts and crafts, whereas many find learning math to be not-so-motivating. So why not combine the two? This workshop will give you ideas for incorporating math with arts and crafts at a variety of interest and skill levels... and a new, practical way of looking at teaching math.

Get Crafty with Math [196kB PDF]

Let's Talk
If you feel a little overwhelmed with all the information of the weekend, or if you have questions that you would like to ask, or if you just need someone to pray with you, join experienced homeschooling mom, Carlita Boyles, in this interactive debriefing session.  You can relax and discuss the weekend, or she will share some of her "What I wish I’d known when I first started this journey of homeschooling" tips.  This is a very informal workshop.
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