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2014 Workshops

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Jeff Baldwin

Charting Worldviews
A systematic comparison of Christianity with non-Christian worldviews with regard to seven categories: views of man, God, the universe, truth, morality, the family, and politics. Introduces students to some of the most influential worldview leaders, and provides practical instruction about the virtues that flow from a Christian worldview and the vices that flow from non-Christian views. Arms students with an apologetic for their faith.
What Kind of Monster Are You?
Effective apologetics begins with understanding the distinction between Christianity and the world. This seminar compares various worldviews’ assumptions about the nature of man and draws the logical conclusions. Based on an analogy between Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein’s monster and the two possible beliefs about the nature of man, this lecture demonstrates the uniqueness of Christianity and the bankruptcy of political, legal, and ethical systems based on the assumption that man is basically good.
The Twelve Trademarks of Great Literature
What makes a book a great book? This class answers that question, allowing you to make educated assessments rather than relying on oft-misguided booklists. In the course of this discussion, you will learn about the significant role of values in literature and authors’ unconscious reliance on moral absolutes. In addition, Jeff will introduce his list of the top ten "must read" classics.
What Kind of Insect Are You?
It's crucial for Christians to understand that their belief about the nature of man differs from every other worldview—but there is more to the nature of man than our inherent sinfulness. Man is also made in the image of God, which has serious implications for the sanctity of life, our attitudes about immigration and over-population, and our economic models. Is wealth primarily tied to resources, so that the only reason America prospers is because of her natural abundance? Or is wealth primarily a creation of the human mind? The Christian response reinforces the dignity of every human being.

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