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2014 Speakers

Voddie Baucham

VODDIE BAUCHAM wears many hats.  He is a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker and church planter.  He currently serves as Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX.  He has served as an adjunct professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, TX, and Union University in Jackson, TN.  He has also lectured at Southern Seminary.

Voddie makes the Bible clear and demonstrates the relevance of Godís word to everyday life.  However, he does so without compromising the centrality of Christ and the gospel.  Those who hear him preach find themselves both challenged and encouraged.  Whether teaching on classical apologetic issues like the validity and historicity of the Bible, or the resurrection of Christ; or teaching on biblical manhood/womanhood, marriage and family, he helps ordinary people understand the significance of thinking and living biblically in every area of life.

It is impossible to understand Voddieís approach to the Bible without first understanding the path he has walked.  Raised in a non-Christian, single-parent home, Voddie did not hear the gospel until he was in college.  His journey to faith was a very unusual and intellectual one.  Consequently, he understands what it means to be a skeptic, and knows what itís like to try to figure out the Christian life without relying on the traditions of men.  As a result, he speaks to Ďoutsidersí in ways few Bible teachers can.

Voddie and his wife, Bridget have been married since 1989.  They have eight children, Jasmine, Trey (Voddie, III), Elijah, Asher, Judah, Micah, Safya and Amos.  They are committed home educators.


  • Home Education - Why and How
  • Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind
  • Getting Your House in Order (Keynote - General Session)
  • Education and Worldview (Keynote - General Session)
  • The Role of the Father in Home Education/Discipleship
  • Culture Wars: How They Affect the Homeschool Family and How We Respond

Lou Priolo

LOU PRIOLO is the director of the Center for Biblical Counseling at Eastwood Presbyterian Church in Montgomery, Alabama. A graduate of Calvary Bible College and Liberty University, he is the author of several books, including The Heart of Anger, The Complete Husband, Teach Them Diligently, and Pleasing People.

Lou is a Fellow in the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors and instructor at the Birmingham Theological Seminary. He travels frequently throughout the United States and abroad teaching at Christian marriage, family, and counseling conferences.

In addition to his books, Lou has dozens of CDs extrapolated from his more than two dozen years of lectures, teaching and preaching while developing a national reputation as a biblical counselor gifted with applying Godís word practically to individual as well as marriage and family problems.

He resides in Wetumpka, Alabama, with his wife, Kim, and daughters, Sophia and Gabriella.


  • Teach Them Diligently part 1
  • Teach Them Diligently part 2
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • How to Avoid Provoking Children to Anger
  • Helping Children with Disrespectful Attitudes

Generation Joshua (teen track)
Generation Joshua

The Vision of Generation Joshua is to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow.

To accomplish these goals, Generation Joshua provides training opportunities for teenagers.  Our goal is to use these opportunities to challenge teens to stand up for what is right, to grow in their own beliefs, and to learn about how they can make a difference in their communities and nation.

At Generation Joshua, we believe that real leaders must stand for their beliefs.  Many of todayís "leaders" do not actually want to lead; they just want to be the top person in charge.  That is not leadership, it is celebrity.  True leaders want to lead people to make a difference and to stand up for what is right.  And that first requires the leader to have a core set of beliefs upon which to act.

Our goal at Generation Joshua is to cultivate leaders and to equip them to use their beliefs to influence the political process.  All of our programs either challenge youth to strengthen their beliefs, or give youth the opportunity to put their beliefs into action.  We know that not every person is called to enter the political arena, but every person should be a leader who is willing to stand up for what is right, where ever they are called to serve. To that end, Generation Joshua exists.

We, as Christians, are called to be good stewards of our family, our community, and our nation. Generation Joshua provides opportunities for youth to be good stewards in their communities (through our club program) and in our nation (through our Student Action Teams).

Generation Joshua wants America to be a perpetual city on a hill, a beacon of biblical hope to the world around us.  We seek to inspire every one of our members with faith in God and a hope of what America can become as we equip Christian citizens and leaders to impact our nation for Christ and for His glory.


  • iCommand: Presidential Crisis Simulation
  • iAdvocate: Mock Legislative Session

Jeff Baldwin
Worldview Academy

JEFF BALDWIN co-founded Worldview Academy and serves as the research director for thatvministry. He served for four years as the humanities chair for Providence Classical School in Spring, Texas. He also served as the creative editor for Understanding the Times by David A. Noebel, and co-authored the Understanding the Times curriculum. Jeff recently published a worldview primer for students K-5. He has also published a collection of essays, poems and short stories entitled The Twelve Trademarks of Great Literature, and an introduction to worldviews based on the stories of Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde entitled The Deadliest Monster. Currently, Jeff is producing discussion guides for Worldview Academyís website, Each guide helps educators teach a classic work from the Christian perspective; works range from Homerís Odyssey to John Miltonís Paradise Lost. Jeff ís articles have appeared in World, Teachers in Focus, and New Attitude, and have been broadcast on Charles Colsonís radio program, Breakpoint. Jeff teaches nation-wide at camps and conferences. Jeff and his wife, Linda, live in Canon City, Colorado.


  • Charting Worldviews
  • What Kind of Monster Are You?
  • The Twelve Trademarks of Great Literature
  • What Kind of Insect Are You?

Faith Berens

FAITH BERENS lives in Stephens City, VA with her husband, Matthew, daughter, Hailey and son, Hayden. Faith joined the HSLDA team of Special Needs Consultants in 2008 and homeschools her children, as well as works as a private educational consultant and evaluator. Some of her passions include reading for pleasure, singing, traveling, nature/science, leading Bible studies, and teaching reading to struggling students. Faith holds a Masterís degree in reading from Shenandoah University. She has over 15 years of teaching experience that includes serving as a classroom teacher in public and private Christian schools, Reading Recoveryģ teacher, reading specialist, NILD educational therapist, home educator, and tutor. Her areas of expertise are early childhood literacy, reading assessment, and the identification and remediation of reading difficulties and disabilities.


  • Developing and Drafting SEPs (Student Education Plans)
  • Teaching Struggling Learners at Home: Nuts and Bolts for Success
  • Tackling Tricky High School Issues: Practical Help and Guidance for Homeschooling High School Students with Special Needs

Carlita Boyles
Math on the Level

CARLITA BOYLES has an extensive background in child education with particular emphasis in the field of learning disabilities. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development, a Master of Arts degree in Special Education, a California Multiple-Subjects credential, a California Specialist in Learning Disabilities credential, and more than 20 years teaching experience Carlita taught for over 12 years in the public system, mostly teaching special education classes for 4th, 5th, and 6th learning handicapped children (CA terminology) as well as a few years teaching 6th grade. During this time, she was also a California Resource Specialist in special education.  She is now in the fifteenth year of homeschooling her own children.


  • Lighten the Load and Enjoy the Journey
  • Walking with Word Problems
  • Math Facts and More
  • Get Crafty with Math
  • Let's Talk

Julie Caprera

JULIE CAPRERA and her husband, Rob, homeschooled for 25 years and graduated their three children.  They attended the first MassHOPE convention and have been involved helping since.  Julie's roles include coordinating the MassHOPE Used Curriculum Sale for the last 15 years and helping RI and CT with their sales.  Encouraging other homeschool families has been a passion of hers for years, and is the real blessing from so many varied experiences in the journey.  Their adult children are in graduate school.  Julie is an artist, works as a registered nurse, and will continue to homeschool as she tutors another young man.


  • De-cluttering Your Homeschool Approach

Rob Caprera

Attorney Robert G. Caprera and his wife Julie have homeschooled their three children (Paul-29, Ashley-26, and Michael-19) for all their K-12 years of education. Rob and Julie have served on the MassHOPE board since 1994.  After graduating from Duke University in 1976 and Nova University Law School in 1979, Rob entered the general practice of law in Southbridge, Mass where he has worked continuously through the present date. His practice has included all forms of representation excluding divorce and bankruptcy.  Rob has also served continuously as professor of Torts and Evidence in the Oak Brook College of Law since 1995.


  • Keeping Your Homeschool Legal House in Order

Elizabeth Cernoia

ELIZABETH CERNOIA is a Christian who has been homeschooling two, now teenaged, boys for the last 12 years, first with the support of her husband and then alone when she became a widow in 2009. Currently Elizabeth wears many hats: homeschooler, laundress, home-owner, advice-giver, occasional meal-maker, mom, local bank, personal project manager, and many more, along with her day job as a campus minister working for Missions Door at Fitchburg State University.


  • What Am I Doing Here? A Crash Course on Homeschooling as a Single Parent

Mike Donnelly

MIKE DONNELLY serves HSLDA as director of international affairs and as staff attorney for member affairs in the states of Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. As director of international affairs he coordinates HSLDAís support of homeschooling freedom all over the world. Mike is also an adjunct professor of government at Patrick Henry College where he teaches constitutional law. He received a juris doctorate from the Boston University School of Law with honors as a Paul J. Liacos Scholar. He is a member of the bars of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court.

Mikeís previous experience includes combat service during the first Persian Gulf War as a United States Army cavalry officer, private legal practice and the founding of a nationally ranked internet marketing firm. Mike is an internationally published writer and frequent conference and media spokesperson on the subjects of homeschooling, educational freedom, parental and human rights. His most recent publications include the first-ever chapter on homeschooling included in the four-volume global education policy series Balancing Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education, Religious Freedom in Education, appearing in the International Journal of Religious Freedom and Creature of the State, appearing in Homeschooling in America and Europe: A Litmus Test of Democracy. He and his wife homeschool their seven children.


  • The Compelling Case for Home Education (free Thursday evening session at the Hilton Garden)
  • Rotten to the (Common) Core
  • Is Today's Military Right for My Child?
  • Creature of the State?
  • "Parentectomies" and Parental Rights

Denise Eide
Logic of English

DENISE EIDE is the author of the multiple award-winning book Uncovering the Logic of English: A Common Sense Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Literacy, and of the Logic of English series of curriculum. By providing fun games combined with solid content, Denise is revolutionizing reading instruction. She is a strong advocate for multi-sensory education, and she helps parents to focus on their childrenís strengths while strengthening areas of weakness. Denise is passionate about changing how reading is taught for ALL students. She strongly believes that reading is a key part of being created in the image of God. She empowers participants to teach their children effectively and to become part of a grassroots effort to solve the literacy crisis in their communities.


  • Preparing Toddlers and Preschoolers to Become Strong Readers
  • It's Not an Exception! An Eye-Opening Approach to Reading and Spelling
  • Teaching Handwriting with Success
  • Calming Our Anxious Hearts

Walt & Glenda Grayum

WALT & GLENDA GRAYUM have been homeschooling for over a quarter of a century! They have five adult children, three of whom are college graduates, one who is currently attending college, and one child still at home - all of them were homeschooled from the beginning. They have been teaching families how to get started for over twenty years and bring a wealth of practical experience to their workshop.


  • Seven Steps to a Great Start

Mary Harrington
Latin in the Christian Trivium

MARY HARRINGTON has taught Latin for over twenty years at various levels, from Middle School homeschoolers to community college classes.  A mother of eleven, she homeschooled her youngest four children, including in-depth study in Latin.  The two boys were accepted at the Naval Academy and are currently serving, one as a hazardous materials officer, and one as a pilot.  Retiring this year, David was hired to find waste in government programs to save the taxpayers money.  Denise works as a physicist and a married mother of one little girl.  The youngest, Stefanie, a doula, is married, and a homeschooling mom of four.


  • The Five Most Neglected Subjects and How to Teach Them
  • How to Write a Story That's Not Boring and How to Write a Christian Autobiography
  • Latin Is Essential and How You Can Teach It with No Prior Knowledge

Frederica Jones

FREDERICA JONES, an RN by training, practiced nursing for 13 years in pediatrics, public health, and in research at Stanford University Hospital in California. She later served as a middle school health educator in Vermont and became convinced that early and consistent parental input on the subjects of sex and dating makes a tremendous difference in the lives of children and teens. For the last 20 plus years she has taught TALK (Teaching Adults to Lead their Kids) workshops and has authored a book by the same name. Frederica and her husband Brian are residents of Manchester, Massachusetts, and members of the First Congregational Church of Hamilton (CCCC). They have raised two sons who are married each with two children


  • Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 1
  • Teaching Adults to Lead Their Kids part 2

Diane Kummer

DIANE KUMMER and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade using a variety of teaching options. The Kummers' daughter completed her masterís degree in government and their son earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications/public relations. After her children graduated from high school, Diane helped to develop HSLDA's Homeschooling Thru High School program and website. As an HSLDA High School Consultant, Diane regularly speaks throughout the country at homeschool conferences and one-day high school symposiums where she shares from her experiences and her imperfect (but real) homeschooling days! Diane enjoys writing articles (such as regular columns for the Homeschool Enrichment magazine), brochures on high school topics, and a monthly high school newsletter filled with helpful tips. She reviews new resources and provides personal consultation to HSLDA members by giving advice on high school planning, suggesting curriculum options, lending a listening ear, and reassuring parents they are on the right track as they head into the high school years. "The joy and grace of the Lord are availableóand He has provided many avenues of care and help along the way," she says. During her homeschooling years, Diane coordinated events, activities, and support meetings for her church's 190-plus homeschooling families while developing a program that provided evaluation of credits, diplomas, and transcripts for high school families. Along with songwriters, singers, and actresses from her church, Diane was involved in two videos created by the FunnyMoms to encourage and uplift homeschooling mothers. Her love for math is evident as she continues to teach high school-level math classes for homeschooled students.


  • Yes You Can Homeschool High School!
  • Building on a Sure Foundation: Staying the Course Through High School
  • High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips
  • Homeschooling the College-Bound: Successfully Navigating the Road to Admission
  • Preparing Your Teen for Life
  • Recordkeeping for High School: Simplifying the Process

Jason Lisle

JASON LISLE is the Director of Research and a featured speaker and writer for the Institute for Creation Research. He previously served as the Planetarium Director for the Creation Museum in KY. He has also authored a number of books which include Taking Back Astronomy, The Ultimate Proof of Creation, Old-Earth Creationism on Trial, and The Stargazerís Guide to the Night Sky.

Dr. Lisle holds bachelor of science degrees in physics and astronomy from Ohio Wesleyan University, as well as a masterís and PhD in Astro-physics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. As a creation scientist Dr. Lisle effectively communicates a broad range of topics from in-depth presentations of distant starlight, Einstein's relativity, and problems with the big bang to topics from astronomy and general science to apologetics and dinosaurs.


  • Creation: Science Confirms the Bible Is True
  • The Ultimate Proof of Creation
  • The Relevance of Genesis
  • Creation Astronomy

Carol Newell
Family Hope Center

CAROL NEWELL, Vice Director of The Family Hope Center, has over 25 years of experience instructing and guiding parents of special needs children. She has taught parents to teach their children to go from blindness to seeing, from deafness to hearing, from an inability to read to reading at age level, and from far below average in intelligence and social awareness to above average in both these areas.


  • How the Brain Works: Autism, ADD, Dyslexia, etc - Turning All Those Diagnoses into One Plan
  • The Light at the End of the Tunnel: Removing Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities from Your Child's Path

Jane Rattray

JANE RATTRAY has traveled a journey with her beloved and her friend, Jeff, from the potato fields of northern Maine to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  After his retirement from the Air Force they settled down in central Massachusetts.  Their three adult daughters, two sons-in-law and the most adorable grandson ever keep them traveling to New York, Georgia and Florida. Jane is active in the MACH support group, has coordinated standardized testing and has taught a variety of co-op classes.  A 21 year journey of home education that began in 1989 will soon be ending when their son graduates in 2015. Jane will share some lessons she has learned on this journey that have transformed the homeschooling life into one of freedom and joy.


  • Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Children: Unwrapping the Gift of Your Unique Family

Carol Robb
Finding Christ Books

CAROL ROBB is first a daughter of Christ, second the wife of a wonderful husband and third a mom of three great children.  She has homeschooled all three of her children, and yes her oldest child made it through college and is now a successful young woman in the working world. Carol loves to minister through teaching Bible studies to women and leading a local homeschool co-op.  Her favorite co-op classes to teach are those in which she can design and create Lapbooks.  She has developed two Lapbooks series called, "The Promise Series Bible Studies" and "God's Hand in History".  Carol and her husband, Tom, also run a publishing business called Finding Christ Books, printing fiction stories that point to Christ.  They also own, Finding Christ Through Fiction,  a retail on-line store filled with many resources for growing in Christ, homeschooling, and for anyone who loves to read good Christian fiction.  She has a heart to find godly fiction books that point to Christ.


  • Lapbooking 101
  • God's Hand in History: from Creation through Christ
  • God's Hand in History: the Renaissance and Reformation
  • Lapbooking and Beyond

Caleb Smith

CALEB SMITH was homeschooled in Haverhill, Massachusetts until college. He graduated in 2010 from Brandeis University with majors in Economics, and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.  During his time at college he spent 6 weeks volunteering and improving his Arabic at a Bethlehem refugee camp and studied in Jordan for a semester.  After graduation Mr. Smith went to Washington, interning first in a senate office and later in a Capitol Hill "think tank." He currently serves at a start-up non-profit in D.C.  Based on his own experiences and those of many friends, he feels passionately that more Christians are needed on secular campuses to promote a Christian worldview, serve as witnesses to friends, and prepare for the leadership positions in society that are more easily accessed with a degree from a respected school.


  • Secular College - Is It Ever God's Plan?

Jim Stobaugh
For Such a Time as This College Prep Resources

JIM STOBAUGH and his wife, Karen, have four home educated adult children. They have a strong burden for the new Christian leadership that God is lifting up. Jim Stobaugh was a Merrill Fellow at Harvard University and holds a B.A. cum laude from Vanderbilt, an M.A. from Rutgers University, an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. An experienced teacher, he is a recognized leader in homeschooling and has published several books for students and teachers. Jim is also a Presbyterian pastor. He pastors Covenant Presbyterian Church near his home. He lives near Hollsopple, Pennsylvania, and travels widely to speak at conventions about literature, teaching, and education.


  • "Classical Teaching" - But Is It?
  • How to Teach the Classics
  • SAT Preparation for Christian Students
  • How to Teach History and Literature Together

Susan Ward

Hello, my name is Susan Jean and I am a home school mom just like you.  My sons are now 18 and 20 and starting out on adventures of their own.  Homeschooling was a wonderful time that our family treasures.  "So, Lord, what do I do now?" I asked.  Words from Isaiah came to me, "Who will go for Us?  Whom shall We send?"  My spirit answered just like Isaiah, "Here I am, Lord!  Send me!"  I could hardly wait to see what God had in mind.  What God had in mind was a place called Love Bug Hollow, where the voice of the Good Shepherd is heard, and where the voice of the stranger and his tricks are revealed.


  • "Castle in the Sand" and "Party in Woodsie Way"


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