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2017 Speakers

Heidi St. John
The Busy Mom

Heidi St. John has been married to her husband, Jay, since 1989.  They have seven children (and a son-in-law) ranging in age from elementary school to young adult and have homeschooled their children all the way through high school.  Jay and Heidi also have two grandchildren, and they're enjoying watching their daughter and son-in-law parenting the next generation (aka: toddlers!).

A popular author and conference speaker, Heidi brings a refreshing mix of information and inspiration to listeners on the radio, in person, and through the written word.  Her newest book is being released from Tyndale in 2016 and promises to be a huge encouragement to every mom who reads it.

Her transparency and honesty are like a breath of fresh air in a world where too many speakers seem to have all the answers.  Her ability to be real with her listeners and readers allows them to identify with her at a deep level which in turn allows Heidi to gently lead her audience toward the Savior who actually DOES have all the answers.


  • Lessons from Esther: Peace in Times of Fear
  • The First Three Years
  • The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to Daylight
  • R.E.A.L L.I.F.E Homeschooling
  • Fearless Mothering
  • Strong Roots-Strong Marriage

Chris Perrin
Classical Academic Press

Dr. Christopher Perrin is an author and national speaker for the renewal of classical education.  He is the publisher at Classical Academic Press.  He serves as a consultant to classical, Christian schools, and homeschool co-ops.  He is the Director at the Alcuin Fellowship with the Institute for Classical Schools and is the Vice President of the Society for Classical Learning.  Christopher's countless articles and lectures are widely used throughout the United States and the English-speaking world.  He has a passion for classical, Christian education and is a lover of goodness, truth, and beauty wherever it is found.

Christopher received his Ph.D. in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, his M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and also has a B.A. in history from the University of South Carolina.  He was also a special student in literature at St. Johns College in Annapolis.  Chris has taught at Messiah College and Chesapeake Theological Seminary, served as headmaster of a classical school in Harrisburg, PA, and is currently a homeschooling parent with his wife, Christine.

Christopher is the author of the books An Introduction to Classical Education: A Guide for Parents, The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, Greek for Children, and co-author of the Latin for Children series published by Classical Academic Press.


  • The Lighter Side of Education: How to Relax, Enjoy, and Laugh and Still Be an Educator
  • Revolutionary Latin: Why Latin Will Do Far More than Increase Your Vocabulary
  • Schole Homeschools: Why a School Without Schole (Leisure) Is No School at All
  • Classical Christian Education 101
  • Classical Education and the Common Core: The Latest Attempt to Make Technical, Bureaucratic Education Sound Good
  • Revolutionary Logic: Why the Study of Logic Is Needed to Renew the Church and Culture

Will Estrada

A homeschool graduate from Pennsylvania, Will began working for HSLDA in January 2004 as a legal assistant to Staff Attorney Scott Woodruff.  After graduating from Oak Brook College of Law with his J.D., he moved on to direct HSLDA's Federal Relations department and to serve as HSLDA's federal lobbyist.  As HSLDA's representative on Capitol Hill, Will uses his passion for homeschooling to advocate for all homeschoolers before Congress and the federal departments. He has testified before Congress and met with senior officials from federal agencies and the executive branch.

From October 2007 through December 2012, Will served as the director of Generation Joshua, a division of HSLDA, where he worked with young people who are passionate about making a difference in politics. He oversaw a doubling of Generation Joshua's membership, an increase in local clubs, and an expansion of Generation Joshua's reach and effectiveness.  In July 2011, he also took on lobbying for as the organization's director of federal relations, where he advocates before Congress for the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Will is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar and the California bar. He serves on the board of Life Raft International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping refugees in Thailand, and also serves on the board of Good Samaritan Advocates, a nonprofit pro bono legal services organization in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Will and his wife Rachel, who is also a homeschool graduate as well as a professional pastel artist, and their son Dominic, reside in northern Virginia.


  • The Common Core Con: What the Common Core Is and Isn’t, How It Will Affect Homeschool Freedom, and What You Can Do to Fight It
  • The Mandate for Christian Citizenship in Homeschool Youth (Teen Track)
  • Why We Homeschool - A Homeschooler's Testimony

Adam Andrews
Center For Lit

Adam Andrews is the director of the Center for Literary Education and a homeschooling father of six. Adam earned his B.A. from Hillsdale College in southern Michigan and his M.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is currently a candidate for the Ph.D.  He is a Henry Salvatori Fellow of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and a founding board member of Westover Academy in Colville Washington.  He and his wife Missy, a Hillsdale graduate and accomplished educator in her own right, teach their children at home in Rice, Washington.


  • "Witches and Wizards and Wands, Oh My!" - A Parent's Guide to Fantasy, Fiction, and Faith
  • Literary Keys - Unlocking the Meaning of Classic Books
  • Teaching the Classics from Seuss to Socrates - Literary Analysis for Everyone
  • Thinking Carefully about College - A Homeschool Dad Evaluates Higher Education
  • Building the Perfect Reading List - A DIY Scope and Sequence Workshop
  • It's Onomatopoeia, Mom! - Using Children's Stories to Teach Literary Devices

Vicki Bentley

Vicki Bentley is the mother of eight daughters, foster mom of over 50, and grandma to 20 wonderful grandbabies and two great grandbabies(so far). Vicki has homeschooled 17 children since 1988 alongside her husband Jim, and led a local support group of over 250 families for 14 years. She has served on the executive board and convention committee of the Home Educators Association of Virginia and has addressed state and national conventions, university teacher organizations, and many mothers’ groups. She is the author of My Homeschool Planner, Everyday Cooking, The Everyday Family Chore System, Home Education 101: A Mentoring Program for New Homeschoolers, High School 101: Blueprint for Success, and other homeschool and homemaking helps. She currently serves as the Toddlers to Tweens consultant and Group Services director for HSLDA. Vicki has a heart for parents, with practical wisdom and encouraging words.


  • Getting Started (Thu)
  • Multi-Level Teaching
  • Choosing Curriculum: Roadmap for Success
  • L.E.A.D. with JOY
  • Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget
  • When Life Broadsides Your Homeschool

Chap Bettis
The Apollos Project

Chap Bettis is the author of the newly released book, The Disciple-Making Parent: Teaching Your Children to Love and Follow Jesus, and has a gift for bringing the word of God to bear on family discipleship.  He founded The Apollos Project to equip parents to disciple their children.  In addition, he is the author of The Fearless Apologetics curriculum and Evangelism for the Tongue-Tied. He and Sharon homeschooled their four children, currently 24, 22, 20, 18, throughout their elementary and upper school years.. As a pastor in New England for 25 years and father of four, Chap understands both the word of God and the everyday issues of family life.


  • Secrets Successful Homeschool Fathers Know - for men (with Walt Grayum)
  • The Disciple Making Parent
  • Parenting with Confidence in a World Gone Mad

Carol Brown

Carol Brown has over 30 years of experience as a principal, teacher, cognitive developmental therapist, social worker, reading and learning specialist, speaker, consultant, and mother. She also homeschooled her children at different stages of their educational journeys. Carol received her M.A. in Social Services from Southwestern Seminary and B.A. in Rehabilitation Counseling from Marshall University. She is a certified school counselor, special education specialist, teacher and principal, and served classical Christian schools in North Carolina, Georgia, Northern Virginia, and Lyon, France. Since 2009, she has been the director of Equipping Minds Brain Development Center and author of Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum. In 2012, Carol was licensed and certified as an FIE Mediator by the Feuerstein Institute: International Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential. Beginning in 2014, Carol continues her educational and research endeavors pursuing a Doctor of Education at Southern Seminary in Louisville. She has been married to Kyle for 26 years, and they have three grown children.


  • Equipping Minds to Reach Their Full Potential — Working Memory Is the New IQ: How to Assess and Improve Memory Part 1
  • Equipping Minds to Reach Their Full Potential - Part 2
  • Equipping Minds to Reach Their Full Potential - Part 3
  • The Role of Imagery and Memory in Learning: How to Visualize Letters, Numbers, and Objects to Improve Reading, Math, and Comprehension
  • Improving Language, Visual and Auditory Processsing, and Learning

Rob Caprera

Attorney Robert G. Caprera and his wife Julie have homeschooled their three children for all their K-12 years of education. Rob and Julie have served on the MassHOPE board since 1994.  After graduating from Duke University in 1976 and Nova University Law School in 1979, Rob entered the general practice of law in Southbridge, Massachusetts where he has worked continuously through the present date. His practice has included all forms of representation excluding divorce and bankruptcy.  Rob has also served continuously as professor of Torts and Evidence in the Oak Brook College of Law since 1995.


  • Keeping Your Homeschool Legal House in Order

Elizabeth Cernoia

Elizabeth Cernoia is a Christian who has been homeschooling two (now teenaged) boys for the last 14 years, first with the support of her husband and then alone when she became a widow in 2009. Currently Elizabeth wears many hats: homeschooler, laundress, home-owner, advice-giver, occasional meal-maker, mom, local bank, personal project manager, and many more, along with her day job as a campus minister working for Campus Ambassadors/Missions Door at Fitchburg State University.


  • Single-Parent Homeschooler: Oxymoron or Mission Possible?

Tom Clark

Thomas Clark is an award-winning teacher and Mathematics author, with 50 years of teaching experience at all levels. As a result of all of his work, he is convinced that everyone has the ability to understand mathematics, and is now known as the "why" guy, speaking throughout the country on concept development, specifically specializing in Mathematics instruction for homeschooling families. In the last 24 years, he has focused on the development of multimedia programs that have successfully challenged traditional methods of instruction, specifically directing his attention toward helping all parents to become more effective homeschool instructors. He is the author of "Algebra: A Complete Course", and "Geometry: A Complete Course", and is president of VideoText Interactive, a company that specializes in bringing the textbook to life through technology.  Currently, his materials are available in print and DVD form, in online form, and can now be accessed on iPads, and iPhones.


  • Divinely Inspired Mathematics
  • Top Ten Myths About Homeschooling Math
  • Teaching Mathematics as a Language — What Gets Lost in the Translation?
  • Uh Oh! The Fractions Are Moving In! (There goes the neighborhood!)
  • Can Mom or Dad Really Teach Story Problems? (And why would you want to?)

Dale Gamache
La Clase Divertida

Dale Gamache has more than 34 years’ experience teaching Spanish to elementary, middle and high school students in Daytona Beach, Florida. Señor Gamache and his family established a private Spanish language after-school program where they taught public, private, and homeschooled children in the Daytona area. They have instructed hundreds of elementary and middle school students in these after-school programs.  They developed the LA CLASE DIVERTIDA DVD curriculum in 1999 while teaching these classes. Their program has reached tens of thousands of families all over the world. Sr. Gamache instructs high school students from all over the country live (NOT virtual) thru internet classrooms for HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH I, II and III credit.

Sr. Gamache has been a featured speaker on Foreign Language Acquisition at homeschool and public school conventions throughout the country.

Dale and his wife Robin live in the Daytona Beach area and have one daughter, Erin (Jason) and a grandson Jensen born in 2014.


  • How Can I Teach My Kids a Foreign Language When I'm Not Fluent in That Foreign Language?
  • What Foreign Language Credits Will Be Accepted by Colleges and Universities? All Courses Are Not Equal

Walt Grayum


  • Secrets Successful Homeschool Fathers Know - for men (with Chap Bettis)

Walt & Glenda Grayum

Walt and Glenda Grayum have completed 29 years of homeschooling! They have five adult children, three of whom are college graduates,  and their youngest graduated last June - all of them were homeschooled from the beginning. They have been teaching families how to get started for over twenty years and bring a wealth of practical experience to their workshop.


  • Homeschooling: Seven Steps to a Great Start

Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges Audio Books

Jim Hodges is a committed Christian, husband to Monica for 36 years, father of 3 grown home-schooled children, and Navy retiree.  Monica once asked what his dream job would be. He answered "I'd record books."  And so began Jim Hodges Audio Books, producing unabridged recordings of the G. A. Henty historical novels, children’s books, overtly Christian titles, classic literature, and reissues of Old Time Radio Shows.  Jim speaks on How Henty Helps With History, Geography, Language, and Character, You Can Be Self-Employed, and Getting to Know Your Children.


  • How Henty Helps with History, Geography, Language, and Character

Bill Jack
Worldview Academy

Bill Jack is an educator with ten years experience in public schools and 14 years with The Caleb Campaign, a creationist youth ministry. Bill has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs and is the producer of several apologetic and worldview training DVDs. As a founder of Worldview Academy he continues to pursue his passion to raise up a generation who have the vision to reach their culture with the gospel and the valor to engage that culture with the truth, and who rely on the virtue of the Word of God. Bill and his wife, Tabby, have three children and live in Colorado.


  • Torn Between Two Worldviews
  • Reality Check! Demolishing Ignorance and Apathy
  • Creation-Evolution — What's the big deal? I just want to tell people about Jesus
  • Artificial Authority (Matthew 23)
  • Follow Christ? It's just a 'FAD!' Will It Pass the Test of Time? (II Timothy 1:7)

Paul Jordan
Worldview Academy

Paul Jordan is on faculty with Worldview Academy and is a professor of Computer Science at Southern Wesleyan University. He serves as an elder at his church and has a passion for teaching the Word of God. He is the founder and a teacher of Community Bible Institute, where faculty train adults in hermeneutics, apologetics, Biblical studies, Christian theology, and worldview issues. Paul and his wife Vicki have two children and live near Clemson, SC.


  • Pillars of a Christian Worldview
  • How To Remove a Foundation With a Squirt Gun
  • Reliability of Scripture
  • Cultivating Our Relationship with Christ

Diane Kummer

Diane and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade using a variety of teaching options. Both of their children went on to college, and are now well into their careers. She joined the staff of Home School Legal Defense Association ten years ago to help develop HSLDA’s Homeschooling Thru High School program and website. As an HSLDA High School Consultant, Diane regularly speaks nationwide at homeschool conferences and presents high school symposiums where she shares from her experiences and her imperfect (but real) homeschooling days! Her practical and encouraging high school seminars provide information that inspires parents to continue teaching their teens at home with confidence.

Diane enjoys writing articles (such as regular columns for the Homeschool Enrichment and Court Report magazines as well as other publications), brochures on high school topics, and a monthly high school newsletter filled with helpful tips. She reviews new resources, provides personal consultation to HSLDA members, and has been a guest speaker on HSLDA’s Home School Heartbeat radio program. Her weekly entries to HSLDA’s Homeschooling Now Teaching Tips blog provide parents with timely high school information and advice.

Diane loves math and taught high school math classes for homeschooled students for many years. In her free time, she enjoys teaching ladies’ Bible studies and being involved in pro-life ministries. Graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Business Management, she enjoyed a banking career prior to starting a family and beginning her homeschool adventure.


  • Building on a Sure Foundation: Staying the Course through High School
  • Preparing Your Teen for Life
  • Developing a High School Plan
  • High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Help and Tips
  • The Scoop on Tests for Teens

Colene Lewis
Cultivated Lives

Colene, with her husband Tom, homeschooled their daughters through high school in a home where learning was a joy and a way of life. Earning scholarships, each girl excelled at college in biology, engineering, English, and law. More importantly, all three women are walking with the Lord and starting to raise their own families. Alongside her husband, Colene served on the board of AZ Families for Home Education for over 13 years. During that time, she became a sought-after speaker, speaking at numerous conferences, including the National English Teachers Convention and the AZ, PA, MI, and MN Home Educators’ Conventions.  She is the co-author of Russia: The Land of Endurance, published by KONOS. After homeschooling her children, Colene worked for the Alliance Defending Freedom for 13 years ministering to over 1500 Christian law students helping them professionally and spiritually to be able to impact the world for Christ. Colene is now turning her energies to ministering to parents by working with Heather Haupt at Cultivated Lives.


  • Reaching Their Hearts (Thu)
  • Lesson Planning: Scheduling to Make Room for Spontaneity
  • Homeschool Hints from Calvin and Hobbes
  • Cultivating Self Control
  • Grandparents: Mentors, Adventure Activators, Support Staff, and More
  • Launch and Let Go

Robert Muto

Robert and Darlene Muto have homeschooled all four of their children, home-schooled driver's ed., and homeschooled college.  He has 20 years’ experience in law enforcement and 10 years as a professional driver's ed. instructor.


  • What About Driver’s Ed?

Marie Notcheva

Marie Notcheva is a Christian author and counselor with a passion for students. Her first book, "Redeemed from the Pit: Biblical Repentance and Restoration from the Bondage of Eating Disorders" (Calvary Press, 2011) is the go-to resource among biblical counselors working with eating-disordered clients. A mother of four, Marie is a certified Bulgarian courtroom and medical interpreter in the Boston area, and she studies Albanian on the side. She’s been published in "Modern Reformation" magazine; is a regular contributor to The Biblical Counseling Coalition blog; and writes for Christian women’s magazines in both Albania and Bulgaria. She has been a speaker at women’s conferences since 2011. Her second book, "Plugged In: Proclaiming Christ in the Internet Age" was published in 2015.


  • Christians and the Internet: Being Aware; Being Equipped; and Being Good Witnesses - part 1
  • Christians and the Internet: Being Aware; Being Equipped; and Being Good Witnesses - part 2

Wanda Phillips
Easy Grammar Systems

Dr. Wanda Phillips, the author of the Easy Grammar series, the Daily GRAMS series, the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series (grades 8-12+), and Easy Writing, has long been recognized for her expertise in teaching grammar and writing.  After earning her doctorate in 2007, Dr. Phillips completed a statistical study of her Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS text in Grades 3-8.  Results supported Dr. Phillips’s informal findings.  Final analysis reflected amazing mastery learning!  Of 282 students, 252 (80%) increased mastery by 20% or more.  This phenomenal growth statistically reflects that Easy Grammar and Daily GRAMS are extremely effective in promoting learning.  Phillips add, "Ninety-nine percent showed growth, with one student increasing more than sixty percent!"


  • Ideas for Teaching Grammar Effectively
  • Teaching Writing Easily

Lesli Richards
The Homegrown Preschooler

Lesli Richards is the award-winning author of The Homegrown Preschooler and A Year of Playing Skillfully.  A homeschooling mother of five, she enjoys encouraging other homeschooling families to cultivate wonder in their children though intentional play. She is an advocate for special needs families as they navigate the best educational opportunities for their children. She has spent five years as a Director for Classical Conversations Challenge Program, and enjoys writing and speaking on Classical Education.  A sought after speaker across the country, Lesli is described as a knowledgeable, humorous and passionate voice of encouragement.  She lives with husband Brendan in North Georgia.


  • Preschool Science — Encouraging a Lifetime of Orderly Thinking
  • Stop Juggling and Start Thriving — Schooling Across the Ages
  • What’s In the Box? Using Activity Boxes to Tame Your Toddler!
  • The Classical Preschooler — Building a Foundation of Wonder

James Wanliss

James Wanliss, Ph.D., is Professor of Physics at Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC. He is a Senior Fellow and Contributing Writer for The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, and author of Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed physics articles, has held the NSF CAREER award, and does research in space science and nonlinear dynamical systems under grants from NASA and NSF. He has lectured on topics as diverse as homeschooling, parenting, global warming, Christian apologetics, space weather, and the relation of theology to science.

James has been schooling his children at home for the past 15 years. He is passionate about knowing God, sharing the love of Christ, and demonstrating how the Christian worldview supports quality science. He has served as an expert reviewer for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.


  • The State of American Education or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Homeschooling (Thu)
  • Why Everyone Should Study Physics
  • Science Preparation for College
  • Materialism Is Dead
  • The Savior of Science
  • Global Warming and Climate Change 101






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