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2016 Speakers

Mike Farris
Home School Legal Defense Association

Michael Farris is the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. During his career as a constitutional appellate litigator, he has served as lead counsel in the US Supreme Court, eight federal circuit courts, and thirteen state appellate courts.

Farris has been a leader on Capitol Hill for over thirty years and is widely respected for his leadership in the defense of homeschooling, religious freedom, and the preservation of American sovereignty. A prolific author, Farris has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Heritage Foundation’s Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship and as one of the “Top 100 Faces in Education for the 20th Century” by Education Week magazine.

Mike and Vickie Farris have ten children and 18 grandchildren.


  • The Spiritual Power of a Mother
  • Constitutional Literacy: It's for You and Your Children
  • The Spiritual Impact of Educational Choices (General Session)
  • Real Life Courtship
  • Convention of the States - How to Use the Article V Power of the States to Stop Our Runaway Federal Government
  • Convention of the States - The American Spring: the Rebirth of Freedom Under the Constitution

Andrew Pudewa
Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew is the founder, principal speaker, and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. He addresses issues relating to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students skills. Although he is a graduate of the Talent Education Institute in Japan (Suzuki Method) and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development, his best endorsement is from a young Alaskan boy who called him "the funny man with the wonderful words." He and his beautiful, heroic wife Robin are parents of seven, grandparents of five, and educators of their two youngest children at home in Oklahomas Green Country.


  • Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators (General Session)
  • The Four Language Arts
  • Nurturing Competent Communicators - The Power of Linguistic Patterns
  • Teaching and Evaluating Writing
  • The Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
  • Reaching the Reluctant Writer

Steve Scheibner
Character Health

Called "Americas Parenting Doctor" by Glenn Beck, Life Leadership, and others, Dr. Steve Scheibner, the President of Characterhealth Corporation, has dedicated his life to equipping parents to train a new generation of Courageous, Christ-like, and Characterhealthy leaders. Using his background as a Naval aviator, church-planting pastor, and airline pilot, Steve co-authored and teaches, "Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of the Pro-Active Parent." As well, Steve captivates audiences worldwide as he shares "In My Seat: A Pilots Story from September 10th-11th." His testimony of Gods provision has been used to reach millions for Christ through the YouTube video of the same name. Dr. Scheibner has been married to his wife, Megan, for 30 years, and together they have homeschooled their eight children for 23 years.


  • Second Mile Leadership (for men)
  • Living on Borrowed Time - The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent (General Session)
  • Character Matters
  • Marriage, Communication, and Friendship
  • Grandparenting with Purpose

Eric Ludy

Eric and Leslie Ludy are the best-selling authors of twenty-one books with well over a million copies in print. Their widely known classic, When God Writes Your Love Story remains one of the top-selling Christian relationship books of all time. The Ludys present a clarion call to return to triumphant, Bible-centered, Christ-empowered Christianity. Their recent works include Wrestling Prayer, The Bravehearted Gospel, and Leslies books, Set Apart Motherhood and The Set Apart Woman. Eric is the president of Ellerslie Training - a discipleship program that builds future world-changers.  Leslie is the founder of Set Apart Girl and Set Apart Motherhood, ministries that equip women in Christ-centered femininity. Eric and Leslie live with their six children in Colorado.


  • The Measurement of a Man (Teen Track)
  • Ten Simple Proofs - Why we can have unshakeable confidence in the Bible (Teen Track)
  • The Power to Do It - Living a Christianity that really works (Teen Track)
  • The Man Without Mixture - Walking in the power of purity (Teen Track)
  • Five Smooth Stones - The hallmarks of the heavenly leader (Teen Track)
  • When God Writes Your Love Story part 1 (Teen Track)
  • When God Writes Your Love Story part 2 (Teen Track)
  • Overcoming Sin (Teen Track)
  • Canon - The basis for a bravehearted faith (General Session)

Carol Barnier

Carol Barnier is a fresh, fun and popular conference speaker unlike any other. Her objective is to have the wit of Erma Bombeck crossed with the depth of C.S. Lewis, but admits that most days, she only achieves a solid Lucy Ricardo with a bit of Bob the Tomato. Her most popular talks deal with spectrum issues, teaching ADHD kids, and life in the distractible lane. She is a frequent guest commentator on Focus on the Family's Weekend Magazine broadcast and other radio programs. Shes also a homeschooler of 20 years, author of four books, mother to three children, and wife to one husband. Probably the best description of her is found on her business cards: Delightful Speaker, Entertaining Author, Adequate Wife, Pitiful Housekeeper.


  • Homeschooling 101 (Thur evening)
  • What are You Thinking? Learning Styles and Beyond
  • Empowering the Shy Child
  • Teaching Your Child to Read - Made Easy
  • Help! I Fell Off My Lesson Plan
  • A Prodigal Speaks Out

Carol Becker

Carol and her husband Jim homeschooled their son from 1st12th grade and their daughter from K12 using a variety of teaching options. During Carols homeschooling years, she established two homeschool cooperatives. She successfully guided a group of dedicated mothers and homeschooled scholars through Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Convinced that homeschoolers must develop and hone analytical writing skills, Carol has shepherded two different groups of homeschooled students through a three-year original high-school English program consisting of Composition I with Lit., Composition II with American Lit., and British Lit. She also taught Algebra I & 2 and Geometry. As a new High School Consultant for HSLDA, Carol relishes the opportunity to encourage and equip homeschooling mothers because they are raising the next generation of leaders.


  • Developing a Plan for High School, Sample Four Year Plans
  • Teaching Options to Diversify Your High School Program
  • The College Admissions Process: the Homeschooling Students Guide
  • Extracurricular Activities: Jazz Up Your High School Program

Andrew Beckwith
Massachusetts Family Institute

Andrew Beckwith is President and Chief Counsel for Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI), the local associate for Focus on the Family.  Since its founding in 1991, MFI has been a pro-family voice in the Massachusetts public square, from the Statehouse to local schools and houses of worship.  As the head of MFI, Andrew works to promote and defend family values, including the sanctity of life, the dignity of natural marriage, and our Constitutional right to religious freedom. 

Andrew and his wife Karen homeschool their three children in Wenham and attend North Shore Community Baptist Church. A graduate of Gordon College and the University of Minnesota Law School, Andrew is a judge advocate in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, where he holds the rank of major.


  • Religious Liberty and Parental Rights in Massachusetts
  • Be Salt and Light - How and why every Christian family should engage the world Biblically through civic stewardship

Theresa Bowen
A Candle in the Window

The Bowens, Craig, a pastor, and Theresa, have enjoyed the privilege of homeschooling for 18 years Opening their home and practicing hospitality have been an important part of their ministry and the discipleship of  their children, so much so that they desired to multiply that blessing in the homes of other  believers through launching A Candle in the Window Hospitality Network, a growing  worldwide online network  of Christian households opening their homes to one another for a meal and/or an overnight stay when traveling. The Bowens make their home in northeast Florida with their 5 children and "Nana", Theresas aging mom.


  • Education through Hospitality
  • Homeschooling through Adversity

Marilyn Boyer
Character Concepts

"She's so ENCOURAGING!"  That's what moms say about Marilyn Boyer, home schooling author and mother of 14.  Marilyn's heartfelt speaking style is both challenging and comforting, her content based on over thirty years' experience in home schooling her own children.  Her many years in the trenches have convinced her that the most important part of an education is the building of godly character.  That's why she created Character Concepts, a Bible-based curriculum for kids from preschool through high school.


  • A Curriculum That Fits
  • Why I'm Glad I Homeschooled Through High School
  • Lies Homeschoolers Believe
  • Character is the Key

Rick Boyer
Character Concepts

To home schooling parents, Rick Boyer is an author, speaker and home school pioneer who speaks from over thirty years of experience with fourteen children.  To home schooled kids, Rick is "Uncle Rick," whose audio recordings take Scripture, history and adventure stories and turn them into delightful and life-changing character lessons.  Rick presents Biblical truth with homespun wisdom and side-splitting humor, along with (sometimes) period costumes to make his live presentations even more fascinating.


  • Breaking the Shackles - Why Parents Should Trust Themselves, Not Schools
  • Proverbs: God's Character Curriculum
  • Things I Wish I'd Known (Teen Track)
  • The Making of Mountain Movers- Using the secrets of high achievers in educating your kids

Rob Caprera

Attorney Robert G. Caprera and his wife Julie have homeschooled their three children (Paul-31, Ashley-28, and Michael-21) for all their K-12 years of education. Rob and Julie have served on the MassHOPE board since 1994.  After graduating from Duke University in 1976 and Nova University Law School in 1979, Rob entered the general practice of law in Southbridge, Massachusetts where he has worked continuously through the present date. His practice has included all forms of representation excluding divorce and bankruptcy.  Rob has also served continuously as professor of Torts and Evidence in the Oak Brook College of Law since 1995.


  • Keeping Your Homeschool Legal House in Order

Tom Clark
VideoText Interactive

Thomas Clark is an award-winning teacher and author of Mathematics, with 49 years of experience at all levels. As a result of his work, he is convinced that everyone has the ability to understand mathematics. In the last twenty-three years, he has focused on the development of multimedia programs that have successfully challenged traditional methods of instruction, specifically directing his attention toward helping all homeschooling parents to become more effective instructors. He is the author of "Algebra: A Complete Course", and "Geometry: A Complete Course", and is president of VideoText Interactive, a company that specializes in bringing the textbook to life through technology.  Currently, his materials are available in print and DVD form, in online form, and can be accessed on iPads and iPhones.


  • The Seven Laws of Teaching at Home
  • Homeschooling Math without a Plan? You've Got to Be Kidding
  • Is Math Straining Your Relationship with Your Children?
  • Simplifying Algebra for the Hesitant Learner (When are we going to need this stuff anyway?)

Kristen Eckenwiler
The Struggling Reader

Kristen Eckenwiler graduated with honors from the University of Central Florida, where she earned a Masters degree in Reading.  She has taught first-, second-, and fourth-graders in the public schools, as well as a variety of courses in Elementary Education at the collegiate level.  Additionally, she has taught writing and literature classes for the homeschool community.  For the last 9 years she has stayed home to homeschool her two sons, while also staying very busy testing, tutoring, and collaborating with her husband, Dr. William Eckenwiler, as they provide a variety of products and services through their educational business, The Struggling Reader, LLC.  Kristen brings both a wealth of knowledge and a visible passion to all of her workshops.


  • Do You Have a Struggling Reader?
  • Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?
  • Teaching the Learning Disabled Child
  • Strategies to Teach a Struggling Learner

Walt & Glenda Grayum

Walt and Glenda Grayum have been homeschooling for over a quarter of a century! They have five adult children, three of whom are college graduates, one who is currently attending college, and one child still at home - all of them were homeschooled from the beginning. They have been teaching families how to get started for over twenty years and bring a wealth of practical experience to their workshop.


  • Homeschooling: Seven Steps to a Great Start

Joel Grewe
Home School Legal Defense Association

Joel started his life as an advocate when he was in 6th grade and convinced his mother to homeschool him. In 2007, after working on Capitol Hill for Congressman J.C. Watts and then delving into the world of demographic research, Joel started training future leaders at Generation Joshua. He now serves as the director of Generation Joshua. A graduate of his hometown college, Eastern Washington University, he travels around the United States training students to change the political world for Christ. When Joel speaks, he draws on over 15 years of ministry and 10 years of political experience to make the message relevant to a generation that he says, "Will change the world." Living in the Washington, D.C. area, Joel, his wife Christie, and their children enjoy life in the fast lane.


  • What is Easy and What is Right:  A Call to Greater Responsibility in the Youth of the Nation (Teen Track)

Dawn Hudson
My Father's World

First the student and now the educator of her own three children, Dawn Hudson sees homeschooling from both sides. This second generation homeschooler brings a "practitioners" bent into her home classroom, giving her insight into what works and what could cause unexpected problems! Dawn has worked for Focus on the Family, Christian Booksellers Association, and as a Colorado state legislative aide. Now Dawn works in her favorite environment: first as a wife, mom, and a homeschooling teacher; then as a voice of support to homeschooling parents. Dawn is an educational consultant for My Fathers World. She is also actively involved in her church and local homeschooling community, encouraging parents to train their children to be shining examples of Gods love.


  • Goal Setting: Making a Homeschool Plan That Will WORK!
  • Living What You are Learning: Taking Learning From School into Everyday Life
  • How to Stay Sane and Homeschool Too! Scheduling Your Day and Your Week

Rebecca Keller
Gravitas Publications Inc.

Dr. Keller has been a homeschool mom for over 15 years, is the author of Real Science-4-Kids and CEO/founder of Gravitas Publications Inc.. Dr. Keller earned a PhD in biophysical chemistry from the University of New Mexico and pursued postdoctoral work at the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Berkeley in molecular biology and neuroscience. Dr. Keller began writing science books for kids when she started homeschooling her own children, and through her books, Dr. Keller hopes to bring science to homeschool families that's fun, engaging, and easy for parents to teach.


  • The Unbreakable Bubble: Fostering Scientific Discovery
  • Science Is Fun! Learn to Play Like Einstein with the ABC's of Science
  • Through the Thinking Lens: How to Teach Critical Thinking in Science
  • The Internet: Resource or Distraction or Both?

Victoria Kempf
Screen Retriever

Victoria Kempf brings her passion for health care during her emergency nursing career at Boston area hospitals to Childrens Online Safety.  As an online safety expert she advocates for the health and safety of children as they explore the online world.  She strongly believes that parents play a key role in keeping their children safe online and teaching appropriate online behavior.  "Parents need to parent online, the same way they do offline."  Victoria has spoken to parent groups across the U.S.


  • What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe in Today's Digital World
  • Digging Deeper into the Cyber Risks Kids Face Online Today!

Kathy Lee
The Homegrown Preschooler

Kathy H. Lee has been dedicated to the well-being of young children for over 25 years. As a former teacher and an administrator, Kathy has extensive experience in the field of early childhood education. She is the homeschooling mother of eight children, both bio and adopted, and enjoys sharing her journey of motherhood. A sought after speaker worldwide, Kathy is most often described as a passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable presenter. Kathy and her husband John live with their many blessings in Canton, Georgia.


  • What Every Mother of a Preschooler Needs to Know
  • Homeschooling the Early Years

Leslie Ludy

Eric and Leslie Ludy are the best-selling authors of twenty-one books with well over a million copies in print. Their widely known classic, When God Writes Your Love Story remains one of the top-selling Christian relationship books of all time. The Ludys present a clarion call to return to triumphant, Bible-centered, Christ-empowered Christianity. Their recent works include Wrestling Prayer, The Bravehearted Gospel, and Leslies books, Set Apart Motherhood and The Set Apart Woman. Eric is the president of Ellerslie Training - a discipleship program that builds future world-changers.  Leslie is the founder of Set Apart Girl and Set Apart Motherhood, ministries that equip women in Christ-centered femininity.  Eric and Leslie live with their six children in Colorado.


  • The Lost Art of True Beauty (Teen Track)
  • The Lost Art of True Purity (Teen Track)
  • When God Writes Your Love Story part 1 (Teen Track)
  • When God Writes Your Love Story part 2 (Teen Track)
  • Set Apart Femininity

Robert Muto

Robert and Darlene Muto have homeschooled all four of their children, home-schooled driver's ed., and homeschooled college.  He has 20 years experience in law enforcement and 10 years as a professional driver's ed. instructor.


  • What About Driver's Ed?

Ray Notgrass
Notgrass History

Ray Notgrass is a Christian, a veteran homeschooling dad, and a writer. He is the author of Exploring America, Exploring World History, Exploring Government, and Exploring Economics, all for high school. Parents and students alike enjoy listening to Ray talk about history and Christian worldview at homeschooling conventions. Ray earned a bachelor's in history from Middle Tennessee State University, a master's in history from the University of Kentucky, and a master's in religion from Harding University. Before launching Notgrass History full-time, Ray was a campus minister and then a preaching minister for a total of twenty-two years. Ray and Charlene have been married for forty years. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.


  • How Christianity Has Changed the World
  • The Adventure of American History
  • From the Beginning to Now

Duke Pesta

Dr. Duke Pesta received his M.A. in Renaissance literature from John Carroll University and his Ph.D. in Shakespeare and Renaissance literature from Purdue University. He has taught at major research institutions and small liberal arts colleges on a wide variety of subjects at the graduate and undergraduate level, including courses on Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, the Bible, Russian literature, Christian Apologetics, and C.S. Lewis. He has been active in educational reform, and was instrumental in developing and implementing an elective Bible course that is currently available for public high school students in Texas. He is currently a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, and the academic director of FreedomProject Education.  He is currently in demand on the speaking circuit as one of Americas foremost authorities on the dangers of Common Core.


  • Common Core, Part 1
  • Common Core, Part 2

Lesli Richards
The Homegrown Preschooler

Lesli Richards is a humorous and engaging author and speaker with a decade of experience in homeschooling. Lesli is currently Director of Challenge B for Classical Conversations of Cumming, Georgia. She enjoys teaching her 5 children at home, and is passionate about encouraging other moms to learn right along with their kids.


  • A Year of Playing Skillfully - Getting Organized for Young Learners

Megan Scheibner
Character Health

Megan Scheibner is a writer, blogger, popular conference speaker, and most importantly, the wife of Steve Scheibner and homeschooling mother of their eight children. A trained Christian counselor, she uses her degree in Communication as she counsels and teaches women of all ages. Megan is the co-author of "Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent," and she travels extensively equipping parents with the tools they need to confidently train the next generation. Megan has authored thirteen books, including In My Seat: A Pilots Story from September 10th-11th, the companion book to her husband Steves 9/11 testimony. Megans heart is focused on discipleship and she blogs practical words of encouragement at When shes not writing, Megan enjoys feeding teens and cuddling her grandchildren.


  • The A to Z of a Character Healthy Home School
  • The Character Conscious Mom
  • Marriage, Communication, and Friendship
  • Grandparenting with Purpose



  • What's Up in Connecticut?

Esther Wilkison
BJU Press

Esther Wilkison knows better than most what it is like to struggle in school. Many teachers thought she would never graduate high school, and some encouraged her to give up on college, but other teachers helped her understand and, therefore, learn. Esther earned her BS in Elementary Education and her MA in Biblical Counseling. She has taught struggling and gifted learners in a variety of school and homeschool settings. Now, as an educational speaker for BJU Press, Esther encourages parents and teachers to be the most effective educators they can be.


  • Help Your Struggling Speller
  • Hope for Discouraged Learners

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